World Affairs Brief

2018-08-18 charlottesville protests and obliteration of history- google and facebook becoming censors- nevada judge limits what defendants can say in defense.mp3
2017-5-5 joel skousen law and ordor rule of law- health care-teresa may.mp3
2017-5-12 joel skousen.mp3
2017-4-7 joel skousen trump news attack on syira .mp3
2017-4-28 trump news and bad artifchal sweeteners .mp3
2017-4-1 joel scousen trump news garry hunt.mp3
2017-3-3 playing russian card against sessions- trump speech.mp3
2017-3-10 problems with republican version of obama care- spying on trump- trumps bad choices.mp3
2017-2-3 trump vs the deep state-attack on trumps travel ban- neil gorsuch- berkely riots .mp3
2017-2-24 trump's replacement nomintions no good- why the acosta nom is a bad one- n. korea.mp3
2017-2-17 deep state attacks on trump- the new lexicon- merkel paying refugees to leave- disarmament.mp3
2017-2-10 trump muslim travel ban-session conservative senate replacemtent - bannon predicts war with china.mp3
2017-1-6 WORLD AFFAIRS BRIEF - Soros - War on Cash - Turkey massacre - Fake News - N Korea - ISIS.mp3
2017-1-27 joel skousen trade deficit- the wall.mp3
2017-1-20 joel skousen - refugee news- smart technology.mp3
2017-1-13 trumps war with the media and intel community-the golden shower kompromat claims-illegal immigration formented by obama officiales.mp3
2017-08-11 trump's redline on nk- korean military the match up-will there be war with nk- russian hack was impossible.mp3
2017-08-04 - White Housein disarray - Trump appointees - Deep State - McMaster - Kelly - Seth Rich - N Korea - Herrod - Curtis.mp3
2017-07-28 - WORLD AFFAIRS BRIEF - Media Onslaught - Hillary investigation - Obamacare - N Korea - Trump new judges.mp3
2017-07-21 night of the long knives for trump-trump care collapse-john mccains cancer-jeff sessions needs to be replaced.mp3
2017-07-14 donald trump jr was set up- new healthcare bill wont do-sessions backs religious discrimination- trumps wall compromise.mp3
2017-06-30 false intelligence leading trump- cnn retraction-scotus on travel ban-sweden commiting suicide.mp3
2017-06-23 us game plan in syria- secrets in the presidential libray- health care- london attacks.mp3
2017-06-2 trump infuriates globalist- suspicious spread of isis-truth about syrias white helmets- eu army- manchester bombing by protected terror group.mp3
2017-06-09 World Affairs Brief - Qatar - James Comey testimony - NSA leaks - London Bridge attack - Wray FBI - China Silk Road.mp3
2017-05-26 korea crossing trumps red line-seth rich murder- manchester terror government induced suicide bombinb.mp3
2017-05-19 trump keeps making the same mistakes-could hillary be indicted-italy complicit in bring illegals to europe-can us fly against russian air defense.mp3
2017-04-14 n. korea next on trumps list-trump supporters upset with syria attack- tribute to bill grigg.mp3
2017-0324 spying on trump-gorsuch hearings- trump bullies caucus- china n korea.mp3
2017-03-17 analysis of trump compromises-trump russian banking connedtion fake intell- trump cutting funds-mobacracy in higher ed.mp3
2016-9-9 mafia involvement in gov-hilliary's ear piece-polling discrepencies.mp3
2016-9-23 domestic terror hinders un refugees- october surprise-presidential debate-us bombs syria.mp3
2016-9-2 trump visit to mexico- illigal immagration- vatican and globalist agenda.mp3
2016-9-16 north korea chinese connection- saudi arabi and china human rights violations u.s. non response-hillary's health.mp3
2016-8-26 World AFfairs Breif- all on immigration.mp3
2016-8-19-World affairs brief-Turkey in nato-nuclear first strike on usa-hackers hacking nsa.mp3
2016-8-12 - World Affairs Brief - Hillarys Health Problems - Trump election problems - ISIS creation - GOP neocons.mp3
2016-12-9 World Affairs Brief - Trump - Economic Nationalism - picks - Disappointments Successes - Recound Trouble - EU Brexit - House heating.mp3
2016-12-30 joel skousen-trump.mp3
2016-12-23 friday fred. .mp3
2016-12-23 WORLD AFFAIRS BRIEF - Berlin terror - Syria US - Pompeo - Harry Reid - Fukushima - Giuliana Pizzagate - Tab Choir.mp3
2016-12-16 WORLD AFFAIRS BRIEF - Bogus claims or Russian hacking- Why - More Trump picks - Allepo.mp3
2016-11-4 World Affairs Brief - Brexit - Elections - Bev Harris - Misinformation Bogus claims Steve Pieczenik - .mp3
2016-11-25 World Affairs Brief - Trump compromises - Cabinet and advisor picks - Neocons surrounding Trump - Electorial College.mp3
2016-10-7 brexit-ww3-julian assange-globilist poer moves.mp3
2016-10-28 World Affairs Brief - Voter fraud, Electronic voter machine manipulation - Wikileaks - Satan 2 Missile.mp3
2016-10-21 World Affairs Brief - Shadow Govt claim bogus stories - Russian naval bases - Mosul battle - Debate disappointment .mp3
2016-10-14 presidential race-fbi cover up hillary-ssaudi attack on funeral.mp3
20016-9-30 ww3 with russia china-assult on conservitive talk-refugee screening farce-admission in syria war.mp3
11-11-16 World Affairs Brief - Trump - Elections - Reactions.mp3