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2017-08-19-Hour 1-Sam and Pat Talk Principles of Long Term Success.mp3
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2017-07-22-Hour 2- Katarina Jambresic author of A Global Testimony .mp3
2017-07-22-Hour 1-Sam and Pat Talk Overcoming Fear and Achieving Meaningful Prosperity.mp3
2017-07-01-Hour 2-The Real Safe Spaces and Expressing Gratitude for One Another.mp3
2017-07-01-Hour 1-Principles of Compassion and Economics.mp3
2017-06-24-Hour1-How to Choose the Right Professionals and Financial Advisers.mp3
2017-06-24-Hour 2-Sam and Pat Talk about Trust and having Vuneralbility.mp3
2017-05-20-Hour 2- Sam and Pat Talk About The Why You Do What You Do.mp3
2017-05-20-Hour 1-Sam and Pat Talk About Finding Joy in the Journey.mp3
2017-05-12-Hour 2- Glad to Be Here.mp3
2017-05-12-Hour 1-Entrepreneurial Stories-Sam and Chase Go to Hawaii.mp3
2017-05-06-Preparing for Unexpected Changes in Business-What Makes America Great.mp3
2017-04-22-Hour 2-Sam Interviews Dr. Richard Palazzolo About Climbing Mountains Together.mp3
2017-04-08-Hour 2- Interview with Jeffery Morris of Morris Motivations.mp3
2017-04-08-Hour 1-The Entrepreneurial Story of Erik Swensen of Beam Lending.mp3
2017-03-25-Hour 2- Sam and Pat Talk Government Overreach.mp3
2017-03-25-Hour 1- Sam and Pat Talk Meaningful Prosperity.mp3
2017-03-18-Hour 2- Sam Talks Principles of Entrrepreneurship with Jani Voutilainen Part 2.mp3
2017-03-18-Hour 1-Sam Talks Principles of Entrepreneurship with Jani Voutilainen.mp3
2017-03-11-Sam and Pat Talk Principles of Prosperity.mp3
2017-03-04-Hour 2- Personal Resposibility for Maiximum Freedom.mp3
2017-03-04-Hour 1- How Donald Trump is Doing as President and Government Roles.mp3
2017-02-18-Hour 2- Sam and Pat talk Persistance through Adversity.mp3
2017-02-18-Hour 1- Guest Christopher Adams and Sam Talk About Persistance in Entrepreneurship.mp3
2017-02-11-Hour 2- Sam and Pat Talk Lifestyle Changes to Hit Your Financial Goals.mp3
2017-02-11-Hour 1-Sam Interviews Auto Dealership Mogul Brent Christensen.mp3
2017-02-04-Hour 2- Sam and Pat Talk about Reaching for Your Goals.mp3
2017-02-04-Hour 1- Sam Talks Entrepreneurism with Richie Norton.mp3
2017-01-28-Hour 2-Joy Coaching America.mp3
2017-01-28-Hour 1- Dell Turly.mp3
2017-01-21-Hour 2- Sam and Pat Talk Financial Planning Basics.mp3
2017-01-21-Hour 1- Donald Trump is Now Officially the President of the United States Hallelujah.mp3
2017-01-14-Hour 2- Sam and Pat Talk About Priortizing Your Principles.mp3
2017-01-14-Hour 1- Sam and Pat Talk Principles vs Philosophies of Successful Financial Planning.mp3
2017-01-07-Hour 2- Sam and Pat Talk the Principles and Values with Self Evaluation.mp3
2017-01-07-Hour 1-Sam and Pat Talk New Years Resolutions.mp3
2017 03 12 Thriving in a Changing World with Linda Strasburg.mp3
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2016-12-3-Hour 2- Sam and Pat talk Basic Principles Preperation and Financial Planning Part 2.mp3
2016-12-3-Hour 1- Sam and Pat talk Basic Principles Preperation and Financial Planning.mp3
2016-12-17-Hour 2- Building a Successful Mission Statement to Accomplish Your Dreams and Aspirations.mp3
2016-12-17-Hour 1- Achieving Your Dreams Aspirations and Long Term Wealth.mp3
2016-11-19-Hour 1- Foundations of Personal Responsibility and Liberty- Moving on from the Election.mp3
2016-11-19- Hour 2- Pat and Sam Talk about the Prinicples of Success.mp3
2016-11-12-Hour 2- Sam and Pat Talk about Self Reliance and Prosperity.mp3
2016-11-12- Hour 1- Sam and Pat Talk Prosperity of a Trump Presidency.mp3
2016-10-8- Hour 1- The Entrprenuer Finance Plan.mp3
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2016-09-24-Hour 2- Sam and Pat Talk Constitutional Principles and Donald Trump.mp3
2016-09-24-Hour 1-Conversation with Rory.mp3
2016-09-17-Hour 2- Sam Talks Personal Responsibility at Home and in the Community.mp3
2016-09-10- Hour 1- Jay Mangrum Entrepreneur.mp3