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2018-6-11 The Honorable David Kilgour and Mr. Mitchell Gerber Falun Gong Organ Harvesting.mp3
2018-08-17 local issues education taxes, marijuana initiative medical freedom .mp3
2018-08-17 Marijuana Initiative & Avialability of CBD oil Gayle Ruzicka.mp3
2018-06-27 Election Results and Future of Conservatism.mp3
2018-06-26 SCOTUS Rulings Republican Primary and Romney.mp3
2018-06-25 Weekend News and Views- Sanders, Waters, Immigration.mp3
2018-06-22 Paul Ryan Amnesty Bill.mp3
2018-06-21 Top 5 Best and Worst Presidents in US History.mp3
2018-06-20 15 Principles Continued and Civic Standards for Saints.mp3
2018-06-19 15 Principles of Good and Just Government.mp3
2018-06-18 Weekend News & Views and Gods standard for government.mp3
2018-06-15 IG Report and Cultural Marxism.mp3
2018-06-13 Dispelling Common Political and Cultural Myths.mp3
2018-06-12 North Korea Summit and the War of Religion at Home.mp3
2018-06-11 Weekend News and Views- Tony Awards Post-Modernism Tommy Robinson Protests Austrian Crackdown on Islamic Extremism.mp3
2018-06-08 Buy Sell or Hold.mp3
2018-06-07 Left and Right- A Civil Discussion between a Liberal and a Conservative.mp3
2018-06-06 Defending Utah inland port, stack n pack, initiatives .mp3
2018-06-05 Property Rights and Just Government.mp3
2018-06-04 Masterpiece Cakeshop and Individual Rights.mp3
2018-06-01 Giving the 10th Amendment Teeth.mp3
2018-05-31 Roseanne Barr and Free Speech.mp3
2018-05-30 CMV Defeated and the Conservative Movement in Utah.mp3
2018-05-29 Ireland, Tommy Robinson and the Death of the West.mp3
2018-05-25 Friday Feedback.mp3
2018-05-24 Rules For Patriots Commandment #2 Never Attack What You're Not Willing to Kill.mp3
2018-05-23 Dispelling Common Misconceptiions with Ben McClintock.mp3
2018-05-22 Rules For Patriots Commandment #1 Never Trust Republicrats.mp3
2018-05-21 The Fruits of the Sexual Revolution, PC, GOP Not the Party of Small Government.mp3
2018-05-18 Abortion Laws, School Shootings, and the Importance of Morality.mp3
2018-05-17 The Divide in the Conservative Movement Cont..mp3
2018-05-16 The Generational Divide in the Conservative Movement.mp3
2018-05-14 Weekend News and Views- US Embassy to Jerusalem, Gener Wage Pay Gap, Muller.mp3
2018-05-11 Feedback Friday- Israel, Middle East, Need for Morals in America.mp3
2018-05-10 Jame Phillips Middle East Analyst for the Heritage Foundation- Middle East Foreign Policy.mp3
2018-05-09 The 5 Laws We Would Pass If We Were Dictators for a Day.mp3
2018-05-08 The Case For Free Trade- Economics and Freedom Meet.mp3
2018-05-07 Weekend News and Views The War for the Soul of the GOP.mp3
2018-05-04 Friday Feedback- Communist Deception, Caucus Convention, Conspiracy.mp3
2018-05-03 Introduction to Rules for Patriots .mp3
2018-05-02 How is Trump doing so far with Ben McClintock.mp3
2018-05-01 Chris Herrod Candidate for Utah Congressional District 3.mp3
2018-04-30 Weekend News and Views.mp3
2018-04-27 Friday Free For All- Immigration, Trump, Birth Right Citizenship, Alfie Evans.mp3
2018-04-26 Daniel Horowitz of Conservative Review- Convention System, Opioid Crisis, and Judicial Tyranny.mp3
2018-04-25 Alfie Evans and the Death of Europe.mp3
2018-04-24 The Rainbow Jihad is on the march.mp3
2018-04-23 Weekend News and Views- Republican Convention Recap.mp3
2018-04-20 Dr. Mike Kennedy and Feedback Friday.mp3
2018-04-19 Larry Meyers for Senate.mp3
2018-04-18 Happy Tax Day!.mp3
2018-04-17 Sam Parker and Making American Government Local Again.mp3
2018-04-16 Weekend News and Views Airstrikes in Syria.mp3
2018-04-13 Austin Beus Friday Feedback.mp3
2018-04-12 James Evans on the UTGOP.mp3
2018-04-11 The Tenth Amendment and Nullification.mp3
2018-04-10 FBI and the Mueller Investigation.mp3
2018-04-09 Weekend News and Views.mp3
2018-04-09 FBI and the Mueller Investigation.mp3
2018-04-06 Feedback Friday.mp3
2018-04-05 The Case for The Convention of States.mp3
2018-04-04 Convention of States-The Case Against.mp3
2018-04-03 What is Conservatism.mp3
2018-04-02 Jacob Hibbard Weekend News and Views.mp3
2018-03-30 Jacob Hibbard Sam Parker for US Senate.mp3
2018-03-29 Jacob Hibbard Lisa Cummins and Common Core in Utah.mp3
2018-03-28 Jacob Hibbard The Greatest Con in American Politics and What to Do About It.mp3
2018-03-27 Jacob Hibbard Tim Jimenez for US Senate.mp3
2018-03-26 Weekend News and View- March For Our Lives and the Omnibus.mp3
2018-03-23 Jacob Hibbard Larry Meyers for Senate.mp3
2018-03-21 Jacob Hibbard Defending Utah and CMV, the Caucus.mp3
2018-03-20 Jacob Hibbard Weekend News and Views.mp3
2018-03-16 Jacob Hibbard Feedback Friday.mp3
2018-03-15 Jacob Hibbard Postmodernism continued.mp3
2018-03-14 Jacob Hibbard Walkouts and Bailouts.mp3
2018-03-13 Jacob Hibbard Rex Tillerson Out Post-Modernism In.mp3
2018-03-12 Jacob Hibbard Weekend News and View Gun Control and Intersectionality.mp3
2018-03-09 Jacob Hibbard Feedback Friday Tariffs Economics Abortion.mp3
2018-03-07 Jacob Hibbard Ben McClintock Defending Utah.mp3
2018-03-06 Jacob Hibbard Why the Culture Matters.mp3
2018-03-05 JacobHibbard Weekend News and Views.mp3
2018-03-02 Jacob Hibbard Feedback Friday and Tariffs.mp3
2018-03-01 Jacob Hibbard Chloe Hibbard Gun Control and Due Process.mp3
2018-02-28 Utah GOP Civil War.mp3
2018-02-26 Jacob Hibband Austin Beus Weekend News and Views- New Parkland Information.mp3
2018-02-23 Jacob Hibbard Feedback Friday and this week's sign of the apocalypse.mp3
2018-02-22 Jacob Hibbard Gun Control and the Gun Control Debate.mp3
2018-02-21 Jacob Hibbard Ben McClintock Defending Utah.mp3
2018-02-20 Jacob Hibbard Chloe Hibbard Response to Parkland Students and Trump and Mitt.mp3
2018-02-19 Jacob Hibbard The Truth About Gun Violence in America.mp3
2018-02-16 Jacob Hibbard Larry Meyers For United States.mp3
2018-02-15 Jacob Hibbard Chloe Hibbard Shooting in Florida and the Culture Behind It.mp3
2018-02-14 Jacob Hibbard Ben McClintock Defending Utah and Utah Conspiracies .mp3
2018-02-09 Jacob Hibbard Chloe Hibbard Ben McClintock Defending Utah.mp3
2018-02-08 Jacob Hibbard Chloe Hibbard Oak Norton and Common Core.mp3
2018-02-07 Jacob Hibbard Chloe Hibbard The Books that Every Conservative Should Read.mp3
2018-02-06 Jacob Hibbard Current Events Republic vs. Democracy.mp3
2018-02-05 Jacob Hibbard Nunes Memo Senate Immigration Bill.mp3
2018-02-02 Jacob Hibbard Chloe Hibbard Craig Bowden for US Senate.mp3
2018-02-01 Jacob Hibbard Chloe Hibbard 15 Principles for Free and Good Government.mp3
2018-01-31 Jacob Hibbard Austin Beus State of the Union Recap.mp3
2018-01-30 Jacob Hibbard Chloe Hibbard State of the Union .mp3
2018-01-29 Jacob Hibbard Mary Burkett for Congress SCC Immigration.mp3
2018-01-26 Jacob Hibbard Wilford Cannon Larry Meyers United State Senate.mp3
2018-01-25 Jacob Hibbard Deconstructing Progressivism.mp3
2018-01-24 Jacob Hibbard Chloe Hibbard Discrimination FBI Secret Society.mp3
2018-01-23 Jacob Hibbard Chloe Hibbard Government Shutdown Illegal Immigration DREAMERS.mp3
2018-01-22 Jacob Hibbard Austin Beus Chloe Hibbard Weekend News and the Feminism Movement.mp3
2018-01-18 Jacob Hibbard Austin Beaus Sanctuary Cities Jeff Flake Fake News Awards.mp3
2018-01-17 Jacob Hibbard Wilford Cannon Mitt Romney Senate Campaign.mp3
2018-01-16 Jacob Hibbard Austin Cornejo Richie Angel Immigration Problems, Causes, and Solutions.mp3
2018-01-15 Jacob Hibbard Austin Beus Hawaii Missile Scare Trump's Comments Mitt Romney Senate Survey.mp3
2018-01-12 Jacob Hibbard Larry Meyers US Senate Seat.mp3
2018-01-09 Jacob Hibbard Mary Burkett Utah Senate Race Land Management Immigration.mp3
2018-01-08 Jacob Hibbard Wilford Cannon Golden Globes Oprah #MeToo.mp3
2018-01-08 Jacob Hibbard Wilford Cannon Golden Globes Oprah #MeToo Resave.mp3
2018-01-05 Jacob Hibbard Andrew Richards Divisions within the GOP and the Future of the Conservative Movement.mp3
2018-01-04 Jacob Hibbard Andrew Richards Mary Burkett.mp3
2018-01-03 Jacob Hibbard Andrew Richards President Monson Orrin Hatch Iran Unrest.mp3
2018-01-02 Jacob Hibbard Andrew Richards 2017 Highlights 2018 Predictions.mp3
2018 6 8 Vicky saved this. I think its just a recording.mp3
2017-12-22 Jacob Hibbard Wilford Cannon UN Israel Christmas.mp3
2017-12-21 Jacob Hibbard Christopher Harelson Debunking Leftists Myths.mp3
2017-12-20 Jacob Hibbard Phill Wright SSC Meeting .mp3
2017-12-15 Jacob Hibbard Dave Bateman SB54 Lawsuit Count My Vote.mp3
2017-12-14 Jacob Hibbard Mary Burkett SB54 Representative Republic .mp3