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20170303 Special Guests from Fullmer Boxing and Conversation about The Trump Congressional Speech.mp3
2017 2 31 Hour 1 Trump perception of weakness. by left - .mp3
20161110 Maxon and Platts on The American Victory of 2016 with Special Guests Congressman Merrill Cook and Paul Rolly.mp3
20161028 Maxon and Platts Debating How to Deal with Corruption in America with Guest Stetzon Ju.mp3
20161014 Maxon and Platts on What's at Stake This November.mp3
20160930 Maxon and Platts Analyze The First Presidential Debate and Media Spin.mp3
20160916 Maxon & Platts Guest Shari Sharifi Brown on The Seven Commandments for Happiness and Prosperity WTNG.mp3
20160902 Maxon and Platts Discussing Media Propaganda and Free Speech.mp3
20160812 Maxon and Platts In a Powerful Discussion About Third Parties and Civil Unrest.mp3
20160805 Maxon and Platts Discussing Media Bias, Pussification of Men, and The Shilo Monologue.mp3
2016-9-9 interview with david yurth- fukishima- his cuort case with the state of utah.mp3
2016-9-23 You Can't Have More Fun Than with Maxon and Platts.mp3
2016-8-26 First hour Hillary's health- tyson chicken-Special guest David Yurth inventer Author and Scientist.mp3
2016-8-19 Excellent interview with Karra Porter-Mary Corporon-and Sharla Johnson about the Jeremy Johonson case.mp3
2016-25-11 donald trumps cabinet picks- federal reserve-.mp3
2016-10-21 special guest congressman merel cook joined us today- trumps pole numbers- the clinton scandals.mp3
11042016 Maxon and Platts Interview and Grill Presidential Candidate Evan McMullin and Make The Case for Trump.mp3