Standup Commentary

20818-8-9 Special Edition -Medical Cannabis, the halftruths and propaganda, and special guest Dr David Bearman MD. .mp3
20818-8-9 Special Edition - Protect LDS Children, Sex Shaming and the hunger strike, Special Guest sex expert Natasha Parker.mp3
20818-8-8 Baby Pay is not equal.mp3
2018-9-5 Standup against propoganda with Jake, Drew, Doug Rice and more.mp3
2018-9-3 Yes we cannabis with shorty and drew.mp3
2018-9-24 Growing Medicine is not scary with Jake Drew and Shortie.mp3
2018-9-21 When is a fib a lie and when is scripture a revelation.mp3
2018-9-2-26 The hostile of takeover of conflicts of interest inside proposition 2.mp3
2018-9-19 Marijuana Policy Project, Prop2 and all the shinanigans of the opposition and so much more.mp3
2018-9-17 Shorty Drew and a script that never gets got to.mp3
2018-9-14 Fear Addicts need to kick their habit with Jake and Drew.mp3
2018-9-10 Shortie Drew Jake and the Santa Clause of Mushrooms.mp3
2018-8-8 Louie Bonaciacci.mp3
2018-8-6 Pledge allegience to war.mp3
2018-8-6 Dave Vance from Spellchek.mp3
2018-8-29 Fruit loops and love .mp3
2018-8-27 Stanup Commentary with KK Keilli.mp3
2018-8-20 Walter Plum III is the Scooby Doo Villain you've never heard of.mp3
2018-8-15 Dolores Umbridge ruins hogwarts and the UMA and Quaide the Professional Unemployed Empath calls to give advice.mp3
2018-8-13 Brian Stoll Second Hour Fresh off his LA TImes Full Frontal Story.mp3
2018-8-1 Utah Patients Coalition and the righteousness of liberty.mp3
2018-7-6 Your prohibition causes sex trafficking you know!.mp3
2018-7-5 Jake is back.mp3
2018-7-30 Human Centered Design and the war on capitalism.mp3
2018-7-25 Seinfeld and Pioneers.mp3
2018-7-23 Anti-Recreational Prayer and Utah Epilepsy Association and Utah Veterans for Medical Cannabis.mp3
2018-7-18 M-Anon dissects the owners.mp3
2018-7-16 Standup Commentary is back and demands a TRUCE.mp3
2018-12-7 SHorty and Jake Talk Russians.mp3
2018-12-10 Tara Jake Breast Milk and Purple.mp3
2018-11-7 Post election with Drew Gunnar and Jake.mp3
2018-11-5 Tenacious C gets a name on the second hour.mp3
2018-11-30 drew and jake talk about stuff.mp3
2018-11-28 angela bacca and disery hennesy.mp3
2018-11-26 Shorty transforms into Tara and Jake deals with treating the people at our borders much to folks dismay.mp3
2018-11-2018 tehnicial diffcultis.mp3
2018-11-2 Jonathan L Peterson is the preacher we need.mp3
2018-11-19 Libertarian Joe Buchman calls in on the second hour for a lesson.mp3
2018-11-14 The Compromise versus proposition 2.mp3
2018-11-12 Shorty Jake and the Street Preacher Jonathon Peterson.mp3
2018-10-8 Shorty and jake talk shame.mp3
2018-10-29 connor boyaack.mp3
2018-10-22 Shorty Turkey and the Immigrant train.mp3
2018-10-19 John Saltas Utah Cannabis Convention & Expo.mp3
2018-10-15 Shorty Amber the Gem Louise Bonnaccacci and Jake talk Turkey and freedom.mp3
2018-10-12 Did we just get tricked into talking abortion.mp3
2018-10-10 Megan Keller With Jake and Drew.mp3
2018-10-08 Sam Young Jake and Shortie.mp3
2018-10-05 Maynard Keller Prop2 and the new compromise.mp3
2018-1-11 Doug Rice and Jake Garn.mp3
2018-1-10 Meg Jake and Thomas Policy Director of TRUCE.mp3
2018 Med C, Prop2 and Veterans for Medical Cannabis .mp3
2018 10 27 Tim Alders .mp3
2017-12-29 Doug Rice and Jake Garn.mp3
2017-12-28 We are a warlike people.mp3
2017-12-27 Mindy Vincent from the Utah Harm Reduction Coalition.mp3
2017-12-26 Justin and Dr.mp3
2017-12-13 Land issues with Stan Summers.mp3