Shooting Straight With Maxon, Platts & Shurtleff

20180920 SHURTLEFF .mp3
20180830 SHURTLEFF Medicinal Marijuana Utah Prop 2.mp3
20180817 Maxon and Platts Shooting Straight!.mp3
20180803 Maxon and Platts When the last 15 minutes of a two hour show define a nation's destiny!.mp3
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20180720 Maxon and Platts Bring Down The House for Platts' Last in Studio Episode.mp3
20180720 Maxon Shooting Straight with Matt Shadle a true American..mp3
20180713 Friday The 13th and Things Get SPOOKY with No Shirts!.mp3
20180711 Maxon Shooting Straight - The truth - Illegal's and crime in the United States!.mp3
20180709 Maxon and Platts Have AWESOME Show with Lots of Laughter.mp3
20180706 Maxon and Platts Get Psychological about Fear and its Manifestations.mp3
20180702 Shooting Straight with Maxon and Platts The truth about immigration!.mp3
20180629 Platts Goes Solo and Interviews Mad Matt in Second Hour.mp3
20180627 Maxon Shooting Straight with Rick and Kathleen, a couple of wild and crazy Americans..mp3
20180626 SHURTLEFF Primary Election, SCOTUS ruling uphold Trump travel ban; politiclly incorrect Laura Ingels Wilder's Little House.mp3
20180625 Maxon and Platts Piss on Multiple Mitt and Tell The Truth About Immigration.mp3
20180620 Maxon Shooting Straight on stupidity, immigration, and the Media!.mp3
20180619 SHURTLEFF I'M BACK!!!!!.mp3
20180615 Maxon and Platts on Ben Shapiro's Rules for Debating Liberals.mp3
20180614 SHURTLEFF FLAG DAY Special Guest Homeland & National Security Expert Dr. Monique Chouraeskenazi on book tour.mp3
20180613 Maxon Shooting Straight on the Utah Blues Festival coming Saturday, June 16th. .mp3
20180611 Maxon and Platts Engage an Anti-Trump Caller!.mp3
20180608 Maxon, Platts, and Shurtleff Go Back and Forth About #MultipleMitt.mp3
20180607 SHURTLEFF Greatest Speeches Bobby Kennedy on Murder of MLK and my $60 million civil rights lawsuit .mp3
20180604 Maxon and Platts having fun exposing the B.S..mp3
20180601 Maxon and Platts on Hypocrisy of The Left with Surprise Apppearance by Shurtleff GREAT Show.mp3
20180530 Maxon Shooting Straight like no on has the guts to!.mp3
20180524 SHURTLEFF - Populist Radio.mp3
20180522 SHURTLEFF - History of CIA-FBI Spying on Presidential Campaigns for political purposes.mp3
20180516 Platts Solo with John Valentine and Suicide Awareness.mp3
20180515 Maxon Shooting Straight on the decline of The U.S. infrastructure!.mp3
20180509 Platts Solo in GREAT Episode on Iran Nuclear Deal with Foreign Policy Expert.mp3
20180508 SHURTLEFF - UTAH MEDICAL MARIJUANA BALLOT INITIATIVE - Special guest Sarah Ellett sharing daughter Remie's Story.mp3
20180507 Platts Has Seen Better Days!.mp3
20180504 Maxon and Platts with No Facebook Audio Yet Again.mp3
20180503 SHURTLEFF - THE MORE THINGS CHANGE ... Alexander Hamilton's Reynolds Pamphlet and Trump's 5-3 Tweets Hush Money.mp3
20180502 Maxon takes calls!.mp3
20180430 Platts Solo with Christian Aguirre and Tony Fulilangi.mp3
20180426 SHURTLEFF.mp3
20180425 Maxon Credit score yields to civility score in China!.mp3
20180424 SHURTLEFF 2 - THE MOVEMENT CONTINUES - Trump Thumbs up or down plus State Dinners.mp3
20180424 SHURTLEFF - THE MOVEMENT CONTINUES - TEA Party Meets Occuppy - Trump-Sanders Phenom.mp3
20180423 Maxon and Platts Assault Starbucks for Caving in to Race Hustlers.mp3
20180420 Maxon and Platts Discussing Global Banking with Platts Commentary on Barbara Bush.mp3
20180419 SHURTLEFF - THE MOVEMENT BEGINS! aka we're mad as hell and we ain't going to take it anymore.mp3
20180419 SHURTLEFF - THE MOVEMENT BEGINS! aka we're mad as HECK and we ain't going to take it anymore STAY TUNED.mp3
20180417 SHURTLEFF - A Higher Loyalty (as defined by James Comey).mp3
20180417 SHURTLEFF - A Higher Loyalty (Question mark) Part 2.mp3
20180416 Coming Over The Comey Trashing of Trump.mp3
20180413 Maxon and Platts Dissect Syria Nonsense and Tell TRUTH.mp3
20180412 SHURTLEFF - Opening up to the possibility of a Deep State.mp3
20180412 -2 SHURTLEFF - Opening up to the possibility of a Deep State Special ProscutorRaiding Cohen's Office and Syrian Phenom.mp3
20180411 Shooting Straight with Mark Maxon I don't believe Assad did it!.mp3
20180409 Maxon and Platts Humorously Address Stormy Daniels and Facebook Idiocy.mp3
20180406 Maxon and Platts Run The Table on Police, Guns, and Basic Rights in GOOD Show.mp3
20180405 SHURTLEFF -We don't need no stinking badges- Exposing myths about Mexico Caravan, Border Crossing, Troops.mp3
20180405 - 2 SHURTLEFF - Parker Jensen case revisted AGAIN and more on immigration and border issues.mp3
20180404 Maxon Shooting Straight No Pain, No Gain and Attorney Derek Williams on Stupid People..mp3
20180329 Shurtleff Baseball Opening Day, Utah Connection to Investigating the FBI over FISAgate, Dred Scott.mp3
20180328 Maxon Shooting Straight with Christian Jensen and the Resolving SAD Movement..mp3
20180327 Shurtleff Issues Important to Listeners with a dose of Census Shennanigans.mp3
20180327 Shurtleff Early Easter Discussion.mp3
20180323 Maxon, Platts, and Sherman on Pornstar Allegations and Implied Powers GREAT Material.mp3
20180322 Shurtleff Government by the Voice of the People - NOT.mp3
20180322 Shurtleff CAUCUS BOMB! What Happens When the MajorityVoice of the People Gives way to the Minority Voice.mp3
20180321 Maxon interviews Wm Paul Young author of The Shack.mp3
20180320 Shurtleff MARCH CAUCUS MADNESS Caucus Meetings tonight; GOP establishment v. GOP SCC; Dave Bateman v. Todd Weiler, Tenth Circuit v. SB54.mp3
20180320 Shurtleff MARCH CAUCUS MADNESS 2 Caucus Meetings tonight; GOP establishment v. GOP SCC; Dave Bateman v. Todd Weiler, Tenth Circuit v. SB54.mp3
20180316 Maxon and Platts in GREAT Form Discussing High School Student Walkout and Free Press.mp3
20180315 Shurtleff Morre on Leadership and Getting Publishied with Best Selling Author Cevin Ormond.mp3
20180315 Shurtleff ARE LEADERS BORN OR BRED with Special Guest Leadership Expert Cevin Ormond.mp3
20180314 Maxon-Media directs public opinion like Hitchcock navigated suspense!.mp3
20180313 Shurtleff National and Local Talk from CIA to New Coleville.mp3
20180313 Shurtleff History Alamo 2nd Amendment.mp3
20180312 Maxon and Platts Interview US Senate Candidate Larry Meyers.mp3
20180309 Maxon and Platts Discuss Kim and Trump While Having FUN.mp3
20180308 Shurtleff U.S. History, Lincoln-Douglas, 14th Amendment with a touch of current events involving Syria and Israel..mp3
20180308 Shurtleff U.S. History plus Israel and ending with campaign contribution issues.mp3
20180307 Maxon Acting unreasonable once again, and again!.mp3
20180306 JUST LAW with former Attorney Genreral Mark Shurtlef on161st Anniversary of Dred Scott Decision with Lynne Jackson (g.g.grandaugher of Dred).mp3
20180305 Maxon and Platts Conspiracy talk!.mp3
20180302 Maxon Shooting You Straight with some great down to earth true talk radio!.mp3
20180301 Shurtleff and guest Marcus Southworth Shining the Light on Syria, the War and Middle East Peace.mp3
20180301 Shurtleff and Southworth Shining the Light on Syria, the War and Middle East Peace.mp3
20180228 Maxon interviews Barry Dyke-What some believe Utahn's need to know about Mitt Romney.mp3
20180227 Maxon Shooting You Straight receiving accolades from the listeners!.mp3
20180223 Maxon Save the children-Let's begin with the 600,000 plus who are aborted every year in America!.mp3
20180222 Shurtleff Sutherland Institute Presidrent Rick Larson in Studio.mp3
20180222 Shurtleff Intro to why we need a Sutherland Institute's New Breath of Freedom.mp3
20180221 Maxon-Teach the children it takes character to win!.mp3
20180220 Shurtleff Potpouri of Current Events.mp3
20180219 Platts Solo on Culture War Issues and Gun Control.mp3
20180216 Platts and Suzanne Sherman with Constitutional Expert Kevin Gutzman.mp3
20180215 Shurtleff wiith former Police Chierf Beau Babka talking ATEK Defense Systems.mp3
20180215 Shurtleff and Beau Babka on citizen armor, smash and grab protection, etc.mp3
20180213 Shurtleff Secret Combinations and Hooty Tooty.mp3
20180213 Shurtleff Federal Lands, SITLA and YOU.mp3
20180212 Maxon and Platts Tear into Political Correctness.mp3
20180208 How the Hell Did We Give It All Away to the Feds 2.mp3
20180208 How the Hell Did We Give It All Away to the Feds 1.mp3
20180207 Maxon I'm done with the liberal VICTIM game!.mp3
20180206 JUST LAW with former AG Mark Shurtleff.mp3
20180206 JUST LAW with former AG Mark Shurtleff Chapter 2.mp3
20180201 Shurtleff Nunes Memo and Primer on FISA Warrants.mp3
20180201 Shurtleff Myths in the War on Opiods.mp3
20180131 Platts Solo in State of The Union Response GREAT First Hour.mp3
20180126 Maxon and Platts Interview with Former Advisor to President Donald Trump.mp3
20180125 Shurtleff Who What and Why.mp3
20180125 Shurtleff Praises Trump Dreamers to Citizens!.mp3
20180124 Maxon United We Stand, Divided We Fall.mp3
20180123 Shurtleff Shooting You StraightWelcomes his First Flight!.mp3
20180123 Shurtleff Shooting You Straight First Flight Part 2.mp3
20180122 One Caller has Mental Breakdown and The Duo Take on Income Inequality.mp3
20180119 Platts Solo on #metoo and Government Shutdown GOOD Radio.mp3
20180117 Maxon They just gotta tear President Trump down! Join me us and push back!.mp3
20180116 Maxon Shooting You Straight-What drive time radio should be, has arrived!.mp3
20180115 Maxon and Platts Covering Stories with Tasteless Humor.mp3
20180112 Maxon and Platts in DYNAMITE Show Having Entirely Too Much Fun.mp3
20180111 Maxon-You don't want to miss this-Former State Atty. General Mark Shurtleff on the Bundy verdict.mp3
20180110 Maxon-Wonders why!.mp3
20180108 Maxon and Platts CNN doesn't want the truth! And, the Bundy's just won't go away!.mp3
20180105 Maxon Engages and Platts Pisses Them Off!.mp3
20180104 Maxon Hear him.mp3
20180103 Maxon at his best - America in the midst of a cultural revolution!.mp3
20180102 Maxon shooting you straight for 2018.mp3
20171229 Platts Goes Solo and Compares Sheila Jackson Lee to Planet of The Apes Villain.mp3
20171221 A glimpse into Maxon's spiritual side!.mp3
20171220 Maxon uncovers the true exploitation.mp3
20171219 Maxon attacks the labeling of Americans!.mp3
20171218 Maxon and Platts Take Aim at Liars in GOOD Show.mp3
20171215 Maxon and Platts Have Some Fun with Everything You Need to Hear.mp3
20171213 Maxon-He cares, he delivers, and that's what makes him so great! You gotta catch this show!.mp3
20171212 Maxon addresses the attack on Trump and what the gov't did to U.S. congressman Hansen of Idaho.mp3
20171211 Maxon and Platts in a GOOD Show on Sexual Misconduct and PC Police.mp3
20171208 Platts-The Fighter first hr. Maxon havin some fun in the 2nd hr..mp3
20171207 Attorney Derek Williams joins Maxon with legal insights that can save you big..mp3
20171205 Maxon addresses the question regarding the Fed's constitutional authority to own land..mp3
20171205 Maxon There are good days and bad days. Every day above ground is a great day!.mp3
20171204 Maxon and Platts Too much to cover here!.mp3
20171201 DYNAMITE Show on Sexual Harrassment with Maxon and Platts in Comic Relief.mp3
20171120 Maxon and Platts on 911 Conspiracy Theory.mp3
06222018 Platts Hammers The Fake News Border Crisis.mp3
0618 Maxon and Platts Tell The TRUTH About Immigrant Parents and Children.mp3
04272018 Maxon and Platts on RNC Poll and Black Conservatives Commentary.mp3
040218 Maxon and Platts You won't believe what teenager.mp3
040218 Maxon and Platts You won't believe what teenager's are snorting now, and Dr. Rosado FDA warnings on vaccines and autism!.mp3
02262018 Maxon and Platts Run the Table on Abortion and Gun Rights.mp3
021418 Maxon revealing interview with Eyes on the prize Amazon best selling author Carrie Williams 2nd hour..mp3
02092018 Maxon The Peacemaker and Platts The Pitbull .mp3
01292018 Platts Goes Solo in Attack on Politicized Grammy Awards.mp3