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2017-08-23-PS Eagles-Cherilyn Eagar-Ryan Hite-Left Response to Trump AZ Rally-Tearing Down Monuments and Grave Markers-Trumps REAL AZ Rally Speech.mp3
2017-08-22-PS Eagles-Cherilyn Eagar-Jordan Henry-Majesty of Solar Eclipse-Trump Says Win in Afghanistan-Fruit of Socialism is Corruption-ABA Says Confiscate Guns.mp3
2017-08-18-PS Eagles-Ed Martin-Cherilyn Eagar-Rohrbracher Meeting With Assange-Blowing Up Mt Rushmore-Eagle Council Preview-PSE Legal Brief Defending Trump on Immigration.mp3
2017-08-17-PS Eagles-Ed Martin-Cherilyn Eagar-Antifa Agitators Crashing Rallies-Battle to Cut Off Planned Parenthood Funding-Pulling Down Statues to Erase History-Pot Civil War Unity.mp3
2017-08-16-PS Eagles-Ed Martin-Cherilyn Eagar-Special Election Results in AL and UT-GOP Establishment Power Plays-Trump Speaks Out Against All Violence and Antifas.mp3
2017-08-15-PS Eagles-Ed Martin-Cherilyn Eagar-Trump North Korean Strategy-Dr Jennifer Morse Ruth Institute on Real Impact of Sexual Revolutions Attack on Family.mp3
2017-08-14-PS Eagles-Ed Martin-Cherilyn Eagar-Left Attacks Trump Over Charlottesville-Carol Swain of Vanderbilt U New White Nationalism in America.mp3
2017-08-11-PS Eagles-Ed Martin-Cherilyn Eagar-Google Cancels Diversity Town Hall-Trump Thanks Putin for Embassy Cutbacks-Rebekah Gantner Inside the Beltway-Jordan Henry PS Reports.mp3
2017-08-10-PS Eagles-Ed Martin-Cherilyn Eagar-Pat Buchanan on N Korea-Janet Porter Heartbeat Bill Update-Murdoch and WSJ Takeover of Trumps America First-Manafort Raid.mp3
2017-08-09-PS Eagles-Ed Martin-Cherilyn Eagar-North Korean Chinese Connection-Resist Trump-GOP Identity Crisis-Problem of Refugee Resettlement.mp3
2017-08-08-PS Eagles-Cherilyn Eagar-Jordan Henry-UN Agenda and Comprehensive Sex Education- Google Fires Employee for Diversity Viewpoint.mp3
2017-08-07-PS Eagles-Cherilyn Eagar-Jordan Henry-McMaster Supported Iran Deal-Kristol Accuses Pence-Kimberly Fletcher Homemakers of America-COS Kelly-Jeff Sessions.mp3
2017-08-04-PS Eagles-Cherilyn Eagar-Jordan Henry-Trump Lawyer on Grand Jury-Trump in WV-Gov Justice Leaves Dem Party-New Majority of GOP Governors.mp3
2017-08-03-PS Eagles-Cherilyn Eagar-Jordan Henry-Zuckerberg Hires Pollster-McCain Corruption-McCaskill Wants Single Payer-Feinstein Defends Immigration-Mueller-McMaster.mp3
2017-08-02-PS Eagles-Cherilyn Eagar-Jordan Henry-Illegal Immigration-Affirmative Action in Colleges-John Schlafly-Trump Train Rolls On-Alex Newman Problems with NDAA.mp3
2017-08-01-PS Eagles-Cherilyn Eagar-Jordan Henry-John Kelly Over West Wing-Arpiao Found Guilty-Snowflakes Home for Summer-Cruz on Obamacare-Trump Healthcare Ex Order.mp3
2017-07-31-PS Eagles-Cherilyn Eagar-Jordan Henry-McConnell on Failed Repeal-Jayne Schindler Legal Pot in CO-Transgenders in Military-Trump Takling Back America 7 Ways.mp3
2017-07-28-PS Eagles--Ed Martin-Cherilyn Eagar-McCain Torpedos Healthcare-Walt Heyer Transgender Regret-Scaramucci Does His Work-Trumps Leadership.mp3
2017-07-27-PS Eagles--Cherilyn Eagar-Ryan Hite-Kathleen Sullivan Sex Education-Woody Woodrum CA PS Eagles-Jordan Henry PS Report Monroe Doctrine.mp3
2017-07-26-PS Eagles-Ed Martin-Cherilyn Eagar-Trump Strategy on Sessions and Healthcare Repeal-Scaramucci the Hammer-Transgenders in Military.mp3
2017-07-25-PS Eagles-Ed Martin-Cherilyn Eagar-McCain Returns-Austin Ruse Fake Science-Global Warming-Transgenderism-Sexual Revolution.mp3
2017-07-21-PS Eagles-Ed Martin-Cherilyn Eagar-Agenda 12 All Politics is Local-Illegal Immigration-Austin Ruse Fake Science-Al Gore Fake Warnings.mp3
2017-07-20-PS Eagles--Cherilyn Eagar-Andy Schlafly-Collegiants Event-Donald Jr-Rand Paul and Hea;th Care-Gates Funds Population Control-McCain Tumor.mp3
2017-07-19-PS Eagles--Cherilyn Eagar-John-Schlafly-Jon Huntsman Ambassador to Russia-UT Liberal Governors-Rand Paul on Repeal.mp3
2017-07-18-PS Eagles--Cherilyn Eagar-Finally Obamacare Repeal-Who is John Curtis-Phyllis Schlafy on Abortion and GOP.mp3
2017-07-17-PS Eagles-Ed Martin-Cherilyn Eagar-Chaffetz Resignation-Chris Herrod Best Replacement-Charlie Gard Seen by US Doctor-McCain and Healthcare Vote.mp3
2017-07-14-PS Eagles-Ed Martin-Cherilyn Eagar-Linda Harvey Mission America Gay Pride Effects on Kids-Rebekah Gantner-Jordan Henry PS Reports Real Choice in Education.mp3
2017-07-13-PS Eagles-Ed Martin-Cherilyn Eagar-Can Trump Save Western Civilization-Burgess Owens Proving the American Dream.mp3
2017-07-12-PS Eagles-Ed Martin-Cherilyn Eagar-Jordan Henry-Jay Sekulow on Russia Meeting-John Schlafly Trump in Poland-Jane Orient AAPS Obamacare Effects on Doctors.mp3
2017-07-11-PS Eagles-Ed Martin-Cherilyn Eagar-Jordan Henry-Donald JR and Russia-Govt and Ethanol-Obamacare Repeal-UN Child Rape.mp3
2017-07-10-PS Eagles-Ed Martin-Cherilyn Eagar-Trump Relations with Russia-Who Decides for Charlie Gard-Free Market vs Medicaid-Soros Indivisible Targets GOP Seats.mp3
2017-07-07-PS Eagles-Ed Martin-Cherilyn Eagar-World Reacts to Charlie Gard-Trump Connects with Poland-Rebekah Gantner-Jordan Henry PS on School Choice and NATO.mp3
2017-07-06-PS Eagles - Ed Martin - Cherilyn Eagar-Andy Schlafly Court Denies Delay of Crippling Energy Regulations-COS-CNN Downfall-Bannon Returns-Inequality at Wimbledon.mp3
2017-07-05 PS Eagles - Ed Martin - Cherilyn Eagar - John Schlafly - 35 Years after defeat of ERA - Sanctuary Cities - Trump & Illegal Criminals .mp3
2017-06-30-PS Eagles--Cherilyn Eagar-Jordan Henry-PS Against Con Con-Tom DeWeese American Policy Center Mayors Rebel to Implement Paris Accord-Envision Utah Part of Agenda 21.mp3
2017-06-29-PS Eagles--Ed Martin-Cherilyn Eagar-Andy Schlafly Court Watch Kochs Oppose Senate Health Care Bill-Rebekah Gantner Inside the Beltway-Jeanette Finicum FBI Agent Indicted.mp3
2017-06-28-PS Eagles--Cherilyn Eagar-Jordan Henry-Palin Sues NY Times-Andy Schlafly Trump Wins at SCOTUS on Travel Ban-U VISA Program-School Refuses LGBT Agenda.mp3
2017-06-27-PS Eagles-Ed Martin-Cherilyn Eagar-CNN Fake News- Project Veritas Investigates CNN-Alex Newman UN and Climate Accord-Canada Against Christian Schools.mp3
2017-06-26-PS Eagles-Ed Martin-Cherilyn Eagar-Johnny Depp Backlash-Left Radicalizing Individuals-SCOTUS D Day Rulings Travel Ban School Funding.mp3
2017-06-23-PS Eagles-Ed Martin-Cherilyn Eagar-Senate Obamacare Reform Bill-Attacks on Trump-Election Integrity.mp3
2017-06-22-PS Eagles-Cherilyn Eagar-Andy Schlafly Court Watch SCOTUS Immigration Issues-Jim Edwards Coalition for Property Rights-Ryan Hite Dem loss in GA Pelosi Heading Out.mp3
2017-06-21-PS Eagles-Ed Martin-Fake News GOP Surprise Win in GA-John Schlafly Trump Better at 150 Days-Janet Porter Pro Life Heartbeat Bill.mp3
2017-06-21 Liberty Lineup Dalane England & Tiffany Hess with Colonel Heber Meeks, military rules of engagement, Chirs Herrod, 3rd Congressional race.mp3
2017-06-20-PS Eagles-Ed Martin-Cherilyn Eagar-Exiting Paris Accord-Patagonia Leads Resistance-Toshiharu Kano Pro Life Message Passport to Hiroshima-Otto Warmbier.mp3
2017-06-19-PS Eagles-Ed Martin-Cherilyn Eagar-Media Obscures Truth-UT GOP Convention Nominee to Repace Jason Chaffetz Chris Herrod.mp3
2017-06-19 Rob Guiller and Greg Johnson with Chris Herrod calling in. We talked about immigration, civility in USA, and Pot.mp3
2017-06-16-PS Eagles-Ed Martin-Cherilyn Eagar-Rebekah Gantner Inside the Beltway GOP Baseball Shooting-Jordan Henry 50 Years PSR Reagan the Communicator.mp3
2017-06-15-PS Eagles-Ed Martin-Cherilyn Eagar-Andy Schlafly-Trump Obstruction of Justice-Jury Nullification-GOP Baseball Shooter.mp3
2017-06-14-PS Eagles-Ed Martin-Cherilyn Eagar-GOP Congressman Shooting-Sessions Hearing-John Schlafly Hyde Amendment-Trump Voters Resistant-Dodd-Frank.mp3
2017-06-13-PS Eagles-Ed Martin-Cherilyn Eagar-DACA amnesty continues-Nigel Farage Hung Election in UK-COS Changing the Constitution-Tesla Subsidies.mp3
2017-06-12-PS Eagles-Ed Martin-Cherilyn Eagar-John McCain Disses Trump-Deborah Collier Citizens Against Govt Waste-Tony Awards.mp3
2017-06-09-PS Eagles--Cherilyn Eagar-Jordan Henry-Rebekah Gantner Inside the Beltway Heartbeat Bill-50 Years PS Report Ronald Reagan Lowered Taxes.mp3
2017-06-08-PS Eagles--Cherilyn Eagar-Jordan Henry Renegotiating NAFTA-Patrick Wood on Technocracy and Bilderberg Agenda 2017-Andy Schlafly SCOTUS Hears Travel Ban .mp3
2017-06-07-PS Eagles--Cherilyn Eagar-Jordan Henry-John Schlafly NSA Leaker-Vetting Our Borders-Anti Trump Resistance.mp3
2017-06-06-PS Eagles--Cherilyn Eagar-Jordan Henry-Woody Woodrum PS Eagles Organizing in CA.mp3
2017-06-05-PS Eagles--Cherilyn Eagar-Jordan Henry-Ryan Hite-Campus Free Speech Double Standard-Liberal Cities to Follow Paris Accord.mp3
2017-06-02 Cherilyn - Ryan - Rebekah - Jordan Paris Accord - SCOTUS review of ban - DC reprot PS 50 Years Celebration - Reagan years 1980.mp3
2017-06-01-PS Eagles--Ed Martin-Cherilyn Eagar-Jordan Henry-Andy Schlafly Court Watch - Pat Buchanan - Nixon's White House Wars Book.mp3
2017-05-31-PS Eagles--Ed Martin-Cherilyn Eagar-Jordan Henry-Judiciary against travel ban - GOP Roadblocks Trump - Planned Parenthood profits baby parts - new video.mp3
2017-05-30-PS Eagles--Cherilyn Eager-Jordan Henry-Ryan Hite-Boehner Disses Trump-Non Issue of Wage Gap.mp3
2017-05-26-PS Eagles--Cherilyn Eager-Ryan Hite_Friday Wrap Sessions to Appeal Travel Ban to SCOTUS-Obamacare Collasping-Seth Rich.mp3
2017-05-25-PS Eagles-Ed Martin-Cherilyn Eager-Andy Schlafly Patent Rights Land Rights and Prosperity-Ned Pfeifer Activism and Fracking in PA-Alex Newman Fake Media.mp3
2017-05-24-PS Eagles-Ed Martin-Cherilyn Eager-Trump and Pope-John Schlafly Trumps Base is Solid-John Eidsmoe Separation of Chrurch and State.mp3
2017-05-23-PS Eagles-Ed Martin-Cherilyn Eager-Trump in Israel-Terror at Ariana Grande Concert-Seth Rich-Ann Coulter.mp3
2017-05-22-PS Eagles-Ed Martin-Cherilyn Eager-Trump Address to Muslims-Media Hypocisy-Notre Dame Graduation Walkout.mp3
2017-05-19-PS Eagles-Ed Martin-Cherilyn Eager-Joe Lieberman for FBI Director-Rebekah GantnerInside the Beltway-Jordan Henry PS Report.mp3
2017-05-18-PS Eagles-Ed Martin-Cherilyn Eager-Oxana Baryshevtsev US and USSR-Andy Schlafy Court Watch Special Prosecutor.mp3
2017-05-17-PS Eagles-Ed Martin-Cherilyn Eager-Comey Notes Hysteria-John Schlafly Election Integrity-Mat Staver Kim Davis Update.mp3
2017-05-16-PS Eagles-Ed Martin-Cherilyn Eager-Trump Accused of Disclosing Secrets-Ann Coulter on Trump.mp3
2017-05-15-PS Eagles-Ed Martin-Cherilyn Eager-Cyberattack-Joe Wolverton Trump Impeachment Movement-Tammy Nichols ID Eagles .mp3
2017-05-12-PS Eagles-Ed Martin-Cherilyn Eager-Rebekah Ganter Inside the Beltway Heartbeat Bill-Jordan Henry 50 Years PS Report ERA Movement.mp3
2017-05-11-PS Eagles-Cherilyn Eager-Andy Schlafy Trumps Federal Judge Picks-Comey Reactions-OR Fire Chief Chris Briels on Ammon Bundy.mp3
2017-05-10-PS Eagles-Ed Martin-Cherilyn Eager-Comey Firing-FBI Needs Oversight-John Schlafly How to Pay For the Wall.mp3
2017-05-09-PS Eagles-Ed Martin-Cherilyn Eager-Tammy Kobza Steve King Amendments to Funding Bill-Sanctuary Cities.mp3
2017-05-08-PS Eagles-Ed Martin-Cherilyn Eager-John Schlafly Macron Win and Immigration-Publius Hulda Con Con and Term Limits.mp3
2017-05-05-PS Eagles-Ed Martin-Cherilyn Eager-Rebekah Gantner Ibside the Beltway-Mark Krikorian Illegal Immigrants State ID-Jordan Henry .mp3
2017-05-04-PS Eagles-Ed Martin-Cherilyn Eager-Andy Schlafly Court Watch Report-Heritage New Leadership-Marylin Shannon Oregon Standoff.mp3
2017-05-03-PS Eagles-Ed Martin-Cherilyn Eager-Fascist Nature of Gay Rights Agenda-Andy Schlafly Defending Against N Korea-Kitty Werthmann SD Historical Gun Confiscation.mp3
2017-05-02-PS Eagles-Ed Martin-Cherilyn Eager-Dems Use Budget to Block Trump Agenda-Guest Jane Schindler CO Drug Culture.mp3
2017-05-01-PS Eagles-Ed Martin-Cherilyn Eager-Left Co-opts May Day-Trump 100 Days Rally.mp3
2017-04-28-PS Eagles-Ed Martin-Cherilyn Eager-Trump 100 Days-Rebekah Gantner Inside the Beltway-Jordan Henry 50 Years PS Report.mp3
2017-04-27-PS Eagles-Ed Martin-Cherilyn Eager-Andy Schlafly Courts Blocking Trump-Chris Herrod Illegal Immigration.mp3
2017-04-26-PS Eagles-Ed Martin-Cherilyn Eagar-Andy Schlafly-John Schlafly-Judicial Activism Against Trump-Argument Against Con Con.mp3
2017-04-25-PS Eagles-Ed Martin-Cherilyn Eagar-Babette Francis Endeavor International-Stop ERA IL-Caitlyn Jenner.mp3
2017-04-24-PS Eagles-Ed Martin-Cherilyn Eagar-Steven Camarota on Immigration-David Horowitz on Liberal Opposition-Jordan Henry on Con Con.mp3
2017-04-21-PS Eagles-Ed Martin-Cherilyn Eagar - Ed's Factor Interview - Rebekah Gantner Inside the Beltway Report - 50 Years PS Report - Get professionals out of education.mp3
2017-04-20-PS Eagles-Ed Martin-Cherilyn Eagar-Andy Schlafly on Next SCOTUS Pick-Mauro Mujica of Farah of World Net Daily.mp3
2017-04-19-PS Eagles-Cherilyn Eagar-John Schlafly on Legal Immigrants Taking Tech Jobs-Eric Olsen on Grassroots Organizing.mp3
2017-04-19 Heather Gardner & Dalane England GOP county and state candidates Chanelle Jones-foraging, Evelyn Everton-AFP, Phill Wright, GOP.mp3
2017-04-18-PS Eagles-Ed Martin-Cherilyn Eagar-Trump Immigration Policies.mp3
2017-04-17-PS Eagles-Ed Martin-Cherilyn Eagar-Priscilla Gray on abstinence based sex ed-Tax Day.mp3
2017-04-14-PS Eagles-Ed Martin-Cherilyn Eagar-Easter Traditions-Jordan Henry 50 Years PS Report.mp3
2017-04-13-PS Eagles-Ed Martin-Cherilyn Eagar-Andy Schlafly on Travel Ban-Elise Bouc on ERA-Tammy Kobza on Iowa Update.mp3
2017-04-12-PS Eagles-Ed Martin-Cherilyn Eagar-Alex Newman on Syria-Andy Schlafly on Con Con and United Airlines Media Strategy.mp3
2017-04-11-PS Eagles-Ed Martin-Cherilyn Eagar-Eds Interview on Alex Jones-United Airlines No Longer Friendly.mp3
2017-04-10-PS Eagles-Ed Martin-Cherilyn Eagar-Roger Stone on Trump-Burgess Owens on NFL and Race Relations.mp3
2017-04-07-PS Eagles-Ed Martin-Cherilyn Eagar-Jordan Henry 50 Years PS Rpt-Rebekah Gantner DC Rpt.mp3
2017-04-06-PS Eagles-Ed Martin-Cherilyn Eagar-Andy Schlafly-Kelli Stewart on Bundys-Rebekah Gantner.mp3
2017-04-05-PS Eagles-Ed Martin-Cherilyn Eagar-Andy Schlafly-NFL_Gambling_Sanctuary Cities.mp3
2017-04-04-PS Eagles-Ed Martin-Cherilyn Eagar-Tom DeWeese-on Susan Rice Using Govt Against Citizens-Global Warming Farce.mp3
2017-04-03-PS Eagles-Ed Martin-Cherilyn Eagar-Andy Schlafly-Joel Skousen-COS-Can Trump Drain the Swamp.mp3
2017-04-03-Garrett Smith and Greg Johnson, with guest Shane Krauser and Ben McClintock, Utah land issues and Religious liberty.mp3
2017-03-31-PS Eagles-Ed Martin-Cherilyn Eagar-Guest Rebekah Gantner-Exposing ERA Agenda.mp3
2017-03-30-PS Eagles-Ed Martin-Cherilyn Eagar-Guests Andy Schlafly John Woodrum Jim Edwards-Immigration Policy.mp3
2017-03-29-PS Eagles-Ed Martin-Cherilyn Eagar-Guests John and Andy Schlafly.mp3
2017-03-28-PS Eagles-Ed Martin-Cherilyn Eagar-Guests Pat Choate and Ron Mortenson.mp3
2017-03-27-PS Eagles-Ed Martin-Cherilyn Eagar-Guest Grover Norquist Tax Reform.mp3
2017-02-06 eagles show - cherilyn ed andy - convention of states.mp3
2017-01-30 eagles - ed andy cherilyn - trump actions.mp3
2017-01-23 Eagles - Ed Andy Kris - trump inauguration.mp3
2017-01-16 phyllis schlafly eagles show - cherilyn ed andy - obamacare - supreme court.mp3
2017-01-09 eagles - ed - andy - Cherilyn - convention of states - obamacare - scotus nomination.mp3
2017-01-02 - PS Eagles with Cherilyn Eagar and Andy Schlafly -Ttrump the tweeter - Obama Steals Christmas - Coburn rebuttal on Con Con.mp3
2016-12-19 Phyllis Schlafly Eagles - Cherilyn Eagar - Ed Martin - Andy Schlafly - Electoral College.mp3
2016-12-12 Eagle show - Cherilyn - Andy - Ed- part 2.mp3
2016-12-12 Eagle show - Cherilyn - Andy - Ed- part 1.mp3
2016-12-05 PS Eagles - Cherilyn and Ed Martin - Illegal voting - -trade - Ben Carson HUD - Pro-Life SCOTUS nominees.mp3
2016-11-28 eagle forum show - cherilyn - andy - ed.mp3
2016-11-21 eagle forum.mp3
2016-11-14 eagle forum ed martin andy schlafly cherilyn eager.mp3
2016-11-07 The Phyllis Schlafly National Eagles Show - Andy Schlafly - Election projection Trump.mp3