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20180422.Allen Wyatt, Craig Foster, Matt Bowen.mp3
20180225.Densley n Tanner. L. Wilson on Women and Veils in NT times.M. Bowen on Two Book of Mormon Names..mp3
20180218.Was Noah's Flood the Baptism of the Earth.Stephen Smoot.Hales Swift Martin Tanner.mp3
20180211.Joseph Smith and Polygamy Issues.Brian Hales.Craig Foster.Allen Wyatt.Martin Tanner.mp3
20180204. Dan Peterson, Kris Frederiksen & Martin Tanner on New Maya archaeological discovery of 60K structures and Jesus treatment of women, etc..mp3
20180128. Dan Peterson, Bruce Webster, Mike Parker & Martin Tanner on Bible Translations, Book of Abraham, etc..mp3
20180121-Neal Rappleye Hales Swift Martin Tanner - Succession, Women in the Church, BOM Archeology..mp3
2018.12.09 Julie Smith Interview New Testament and Old Testament recommendations.mp3
2018-12-02 Interpreter, Neal Rappleye, Jasmin Rappleye, Stephen Smoot, Hales Swift- Recent Interpreter Articles.mp3
2018-11-25.Densley and Bown on stone box-astrolabes-the case for christ.mp3
2018-11-11 John Gee Terry Hutchinson and Martin Tanner on Books of interest.mp3
2018-11-04 Neal Rappleye.Jasmin G. Rappleye. Stephen Smoot. Book of Abraham and JSP, Saints and Book of Mormon Geography. etc..mp3
2018-10-7.Neal Rappleye.Stephen Smoot. Jasmin Rappleye. Joey Smoot. October 2018 General Conference.mp3
2018-10-21-Densley-Foster-Goldberg-Church History and literature.mp3
2018-10-14-Allen Wyatt Terry Hutchinson.mp3
2018-09-22.Densley, Bowen and Calabro, Interpreter publications, The Saints and Church discipline.mp3
2018-09-09.John Gee Dan Peterson Terry Hutchinson MartinTanner on Saints vol 1, Expanded Canon, Introduction to the Book of Abraham..mp3
2018-09-02.Neal Rappleye.Jasmin Rappleye.Stephen Smoot.Hales Swift.Saints (New church history).mp3
2018-08-26.Craig Foster Matt Bowen Martin Tanner re Sam Young fast LDS policy on gay family baptism etc.mp3
2018-08-12.Allen Wyatt Dan Peterson John Gee.mp3
2018-08-05.Neal Rappleye.Jasmin Rappleye.Stephen Smoot. Hales Swift.FairMormonConference and Interpreter Anniversay.mp3
2018-07-22.Matthew Bowen Craig Foster Martin Tannerr on Section 132. New LDS Hymn Book etc..mp3
2018-07-11 - Lisa Page -Left attacks Kavanaugh -NATO summit Trump -Russia UK -China Tariffs -Refugees HARLEY SCHLANGER -China - Seth Rich -Dems -Mex Wall -S Africa.mp3
2018-07-01.Stephen Smoot.Nales Swift.Martin Tanner.Book of Mormon Geography.mp3
2018-06-24 Densley, Foster and Bowen discuss grace, youth interviews, Egyptian temples, and Joseph Smith's revelations on science.mp3
2018-06-17.Kris Fredericson.Bruce Webster.Samuel.Fathers.mp3
2018-06-10.Allen Wyatt, John Gee, Hales Swift, Jared Ludlow.mp3
2018-06-03.Neal Rappleye.Stephen Smoot. Kwaku El. Jasmin Gimenez. Hales Swift. Priesthood Ban..mp3
2018-05-27.Densley, Foster and Bowen discuss Church finances and a new critique of the Book of Mormon.mp3
2018-05-20.Kris Frederickson.Mike Parker.Bruce Webster.Joshua.NAACP.BSA.mp3
2018-05-13.Allen Wyatt John Gee Kevin Christensen.mp3
2018-05-06.Neal Rappleye.Jasmin Gimenez.Stephen Smoot.Hales Swift.Archaeology and Book of Mormon and Bible etc..mp3
2018-04-29.Martin Tanner on JS Papers. Fate of the Apostles. Early NT Manuscrripts.etc..mp3
2018-04-15.Kris Fredericson.Kevin Christensen.Bruce Webster.LDS Leadership Education background.mp3
2018-04-08.Densley, Wyatt, Peterson, Christensen Book of Mormon Research and General Conference.mp3
2018-04-01.Neal Rappleye.Mike Parker.Jasmine Gimenez.Bruce Webster.Martin Tanner.LDS Conference & Changes.mp3
2018-03-25.Densley, Webster, Foster, Guymon and their favorite books.mp3
2018-03-18.Dan Peterson Kevin Christensen Kris Frederiksen Hales Swift Martin Tanner re D and C 1 etc..mp3
2018-03-11.Allen Wyatt Kevin Christensen Martin Tanner re CES Letter.mp3
2018-03-04.Neal Rappleye.Mike Parker.Martin Tanner.Archaeology and the Bible and Book of Mormon.mp3