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Vince Newmeyer on Science and Religion and Maryanne and medical marijuana .mp3
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Liberty Lineup.Thomas and Kristen on Washington and Lincoln Day; SB114 Election Amendments; HJR3 Art V; Leg Ed; California Children's Rights SB18; Crime in Sweden.mp3
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Liberty Line up w Thomas Butler and Kristen Chevrier Asset forfeiture Immigration SB 114 College Mental Health.mp3
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Gayle and Maryanne from the Capital.mp3
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Gayle and David Christensen on the appointment of Tillerson Sec. of State and Maryanne on the Eagle Forem Convention in Jan.mp3
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2017.3.14 Liberty Line up With Thomas Butler and Kristen Chevrier Guest Brett Wilcox Racism by clothing color Trumps first 50 days Medical Ethics and Vaccines.mp3
2017.2.28 Kristen and Thomas State of UnionStewart Rhodes Oath KeepersVaccines.Parental RightsURP SCC Meeting.IRV balloting.Lowell Nelson HJR3 Article V Convention.Jake Anderegg.mp3
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