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2018-6-23-Hour 1&2 Kevin Worthy Law and Chris & Sam Talk Preparing for opportunities.mp3
2018-6-2-Hour 2 Chris and Sam Finance Cars and Music.mp3
2018-6-2-Hour 1- Jim Moore with Jade Dog Capital.mp3
2018-5-5-Hour 2- Victoria The Labels We place on ourselves.mp3
2018-5-5-Hour 1- Victoria The Labels We place on ourselves.mp3
2018-5-19-Hour 1- Dan Sifuentes with Zero Vulnerabilities.mp3
2018-5-12-Hour 2-Interview with Dave Langeland-Techlaw Ventures.mp3
2018-5-12-Hour 1-Interview with Clive Romney-Utah Pioneer Heritage Arts.mp3
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2018-3-10-Hour 2-How to Spot Red Flags with Private Investments.mp3
2018-3-10-Hour 1-Q&A About Private Investments.mp3
2018-2-3-Hour 2-How Entreprenuers Can Prepare Their Business for Retirement-Sam and Pat Talk Crypto Currency.mp3
2018-2-3-Hour 1-Moving Beyond the Startup Stage of Your Business.mp3
2018-2-17-Hour 2-Kris and Frank Anchor Restoration .mp3
2018-2-17-Hour 1-Marco.mp3
2018-2-10-Hour 2-How Politics Affect Us and Business-The Concept of Innocent Until Proven Guilty.mp3
2018-2-10-Hour 1-Marco.mp3
2018-2-10-Hour 1-How Corrupt Power and Over Spending Impact the Market.mp3
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2018-11-10 -Hour 1 Bob Kittell Memory Specialist Quieting the mind with connections.mp3
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2018-1-27-Hour 1-2-Sam and Chris About Branding Yourself.mp3
2017-12-2-Hour 1&2- Guest Christopher Adams and Sam Talk About eCommerce in Entrepreneurship.mp3
2017-12-16-Hour 2-Sam and Pat Talk About Expanding Your Business Success and Connecting with Clients.mp3
2017-12-16-Hour 1-Core Values in Entrepreneurship-Sam and Pat Talk Bitcoin.mp3
2017-12-09-Hour 1-Sam Interviews Tom Ferry on Entrepreneurship Radio.mp3