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2017-8-22 Eclipse - New Cyber Weapons - Supremacy and breaking free with Jake Dr. Grimmy and Grandma T.mp3
2017-08-8 iconvenient truth bombing-trumps approval ratings-deep state rewards comey.mp3
2017-08-23 jake fill in host for show.mp3
2017-08-21-Hour 2-Secret Service Can't Protect Trump-State Senator Legitimitizes Assassinating Trump-Trump Pulls off Emerald Glasses from DC Swamp-Antifas Anti-Free Speech Rights.mp3
2017-08-21-Hour 1-Solar Eclipse Monday-Pulling Down Statues to Erase History-Misguided Mitt Romney-Man Attacked for Neo Nazi Haircut.mp3
2017-08-16 Shorty and Jake cover for Joe.mp3
2017-08-15 Paul Duane and Jake talk transgenderism-racism-and-empowerment.mp3
2017-08-14-Hour 2-How N Korea went nuclear-Trump acts to stop N Korea.mp3
2017-08-14-Hour 1-Trump Condemns Violence But Media Says Not Enough-ALL Violence is Bad-Mayor Revoked Permit and Police Stood Down-Who We Should Fear.mp3
2017-08-11-Hour 2-Do Schools Hurt More Than Help-Trump Taking Out Senators-Keeping His Promises-Draining the Swamp-Chicago Prioritizes Illegals Over Teachers.mp3
2017-08-11-Hour 1-Obama Passed on N Korean Nukes-Obama Ignored Sonic Attack on US Diplomats in Cuba-Yale Covers Up Musket on Statue.mp3
2017-08-10-Hour 2-Jewish People Still Persecuted-State Takes Child from Parents with Low IQs-BAD Walter Zapotoczny Beyond Duty.mp3
2017-08-10-Hour 1-Susan Rice OKs Nuclear Arms Race in Asia-Kim Jong Un Targets Guam-Reagans Foresight with SDI.mp3
2017-08-08-Hour 2-Bakers Refuse to Make Trump Cake-Guest Kimberly Fletcher Organizing Moms March-Trump Demands Clean Debt Ceiling Increase.mp3
2017-08-08-Hour 1-Economic Outlook Up But Why Are Trump Poll Numbers Down-N Koea Goes Nuclear-Guest Dan Sheridan Freedom Factor-Al Gores New Movie Flops.mp3
2017-08-07-Hour 2-Detroit Candidates are Convicted Felons-Professor Gives Free Grades-Motherhood is Unselfish More Than Just Procreation-Guest Paralee Obele.mp3
2017-08-07-Hour 1-Fake News Says Trump Called White House a Dump Week Before Renovation-Ummasking Trump Supporters-Microchipping Employees.mp3
2017-08-04-Hour 2-Guest Host Eric Fransen-Economic Freedom in US vs Europe-Memo Warns of Globalism Marxism and Islamist Resistance in US.mp3
2017-08-04-Hour 1-Guest Host Eric Fransen-Record Number of Jobs Follows Trumps Election-GOP Promotes Free Enterprise Dems Want Govt Jobs Bill.mp3
2017-08-03-Hour 2- Guest Host Eric Fransen- Fighting the Good Fight Cont- Obamacare is Hurting People.mp3
2017-08-03-Hour 1-Fighting the Good Fight-Why We Should Care About What is Going on in Venezuela.mp3
2017-08-02-both hours cosmic serpent dr grimmyshorty show in for regular host.mp3
2017-08-01-Hour 2- Ted Cruz Endorses Chris Herrod-State Says Parents Too Dumb to Raise Child-GOP Part of Trump Resistance-McCains Ego-Tax Reform.mp3
2017-08-01-Hour 1- More Fake News on John Kelly-Wasserman Schultz Protects Accused IT Thief-Elizabeth Warren Underpays Female Staff.mp3
2017-07-31-Hour 2-Trump COS Asks Scaramucchi to Resign-Ted Cruz Endorses Herrod in UT-Guest Paralee Obele on Uncertainty in Oil Markets.mp3
2017-07-31-Hour 1- Trump Fires Reince Priebus-Healthcare Vote-A-Rama-Trump Says Cut Healthcare Subsidies-Kelly in and Scarramucci Out.mp3
2017-07-28-Hour 2- Guest Host Eric Fransen-Illegal Immigrant Gang Members Blame Trump for Their Violence.mp3
2017-07-28-Hour 1- Guest Host Eric Fransen-Charlie Gard Dies While Senate Keeps Govt Health Care-McCain Claims to Have a Conscience.mp3
2017-07-27-Hour 2-Guest Host Eric Fransen-Why is Our Human Existance Being Denied-Guest Henry Olsen-The Working Class Republican .mp3
2017-07-27-Hour 1- Guest Host Eric Fransen-Freedom of Religion or Freedom from Religion.mp3
2017-07-26-Hour 2-Trump Stands Against Shaming by Left-McCain Says Repeal Hurts Party and Blames Media.mp3
2017-07-26-Hour 1-Trump Reverses Transgenders in Military-Wasserman Shultz IT Aide Hacking-Guest Dale Bellis Liberty Health Share.mp3
2017-07-25-Hour 2-Why Did Sessions Recuse Himself-Hillary Escaped Benghazi Investigation-Guest Col. Wood on Bengharzi-Chris Herrod.mp3
2017-07-25-Hour 1-GOP Healthcare Vote-Russian Support of Environmental Opposittion to Fracking-Guest Paralee Ovele-Democrats Rigging their own Elections.mp3
2017-07-21-Hour 2-Guest Host Eric Fransen- Big Govt Republicans-Comparing Trump Admin Costs to Obamas.mp3
2017-07-21-Hour 1-Guest Host Eric Fransen- LDS Professor Advocates For Homosexuality-Ideology of Left Crushes All Other Values.mp3
2017-07-20-Hour 2-Guest Host Eric Fransen- John Kasich The Democrat- Guest Brion McClanahan- 9 Presidents Who Screwed Everything Up.mp3
2017-07-19-Hour 2-Senators Must Stay and Work-Jane Sanders Loan Fraud-How to Lose Your Progressive Friends.mp3
2017-07-19-Hour 1-GOP Fight to Repeal-Dems Fear Trumps Power-Media Witch Hunt on Russian Connection-Trump Immune to Attacks.mp3
2017-07-18-Hour 2-Unmasking Indictment Coming Against Obama Officials-Seattle Passes Illegal Income Tax-Guest Kimberly Fletcher Moms March.mp3
2017-07-18-Hour 1-End of Obamacare Repeal and Replace-Exposing the Lie-Taking a Wrecking Ball to the Swamp.mp3
2017-07-17-Hour 1-Obamacare Must Be Excised-Cruz Plan Would Reverse Obamacare Spread-Obamacare Supporters.mp3
2017-07-14-Hour 2-Guest Host Eric Fransen-Division Widening Along Political Lines-Trump Divide.mp3
2017-07-14-Hour 1-Guest Host Eric Fransen-Russian Email Drama-Pew Research Shows Americans Distrust Media.mp3
2017-07-14 Shooting You Straight With Maxon and Platts The Media continues to lie!.mp3
2017-07-13-Hour 2-Guest Host Eric Fransen-Phil Kerpen President of American Commitment-Tom McMillan Author of Gettysburg Rebels.mp3
2017-07-12-Hour 2-Trump Jr is an Idiot-GOP OK with Charade Against Trump-Raising Minimum Wage Hurts Poor-Billionaires Seek Govt Money for Newspapers.mp3
2017-07-12-Hour 1-Trump Jr-WH Press Corps Grandstanding-Trump Card is to Investigate Dems-Guest Kimberly Fletcher Moms March.mp3
2017-07-12-Hour 1-Guest Host Eric Fransen-Technology Under Trump-British Dealth Panel Denies Release of Charlie Gard-State Owns Health Care Patients.mp3
2017-07-11-Hour 2-President Trump understands National Mood-Turkey existing Paris Agreement-Democrats obstructing Trump Nominees-Baby Charlie Gard not allowed to come to U.S..mp3
2017-07-10 Jake and Sean on Secrecy in government.mp3
2017-07-07-Hour 2-Guest Host Eric Fransen-Moral Standards of Youth-Why Girls Must be Gatekeepers of Standards-British Govt Has Authority Over Charlie Gard.mp3
2017-07-07-Hour 1-Guest Host Eric Fransen-Trump Accused of Being Dictator as He Shrinks Govt-Trump Meets With Putin-Trump Warsaw Speech Defends West.mp3
2017-07-06-Hour 2-Guest Host Eric Fransen-CNN Blackmails Reddit User for Creating a GIF-Media Government Complex-Dems Strategy is to Move Right.mp3
2017-07-06-Hour 1-Guest Host Eric Fransen-Ethics in Government-Draining the Swamp.mp3
2017-07-05 trump homeless .mp3
2017-06-29-Hour 2- Guest Host Eric Fransen-Huffington Post Article Part 2-BAD Author Andrew Nagorski The Nazi Hunters.mp3
2017-06-28 Guest Host Jake Garn, Sean Grimm and Shorty.mp3
2017-06-23-Hour 2- Guest Host Eric Fransen-Left Prefers Mockery and Violence Over Dialogue.mp3
2017-06-23-Hour 1- Guest Host Eric Fransen-Johnny Depp Threatens Trump-Left Believes Means Justifies Ends-Left Must Destroy Trump-No Dictator Would Drain Swamp.mp3
2017-06-22-Hour 2-Guest Host EricFransen-Healthcare Cont-BAD The Strange Death of Europe by Douglas Murray.mp3
2017-06-22-Hour 1- Guest Host Eric Fransen-The Senate Healthcare Bill.mp3
2017-06-16-Hour 2-Guest Host Eric Fransen-The Role of Family in Society.mp3
2017-06-16-Hour 1-Guest Host Eric Fransen-Revising History in Favor of Socialism.mp3
2017-06-15-Hour 2-Guest Host Eric Fransen-Left Unaware of Their Bias-Professor Pushed Out of Duke U-Progressives Search for Unattainable Utopia.mp3
2017-06-15-Hour 1-Guest Host Eric Fransen-Media Ignores GOP hooting-Guest Dale Bellis Liberty Health Share-Govt Interference in Health Care-Left Creates Mayhem Against GOP.mp3
2017-06-14-Hour 2-McAuliffe Politicizes Shooting-Left is Breeding Violence-Trump Calls to Reassure Mayor-Villifying Political Adversaries.mp3
2017-06-14-Hour 1-VA GOP Shooting-Left Condemns Violence While Spewing Words of Violence-Flag Day at Colonial Flag-Politicians Driving Conflicts.mp3
2017-06-13-Hour 2-Jeff Sessions Comes Out Swinging-Guest Burgess Owens How Liberalism Promotes Racism-Comeys Double Standard for No Hillary Investigation.mp3
2017-06-13-Hour 1-Russian Collusion Investigation Against Trump Political Witch Hunts-How Fascism Begins-Firing Mueller a Red Herring-Americans Think Govt is Corrupt.mp3
2017-06-12-Hour 2-Travel Ban Politics-Chicago OK with Shootings-Interior Secty Wants to Resize Bears Ears-Comey Makes 10 mill Book Deal-Paralee Obele on Global Oil Market.mp3
2017-06-12-Hour 1-9th Circuit Rules Anti Travel Ban-Wa Po Scrubs History of Orlando Terror-Trumps a Transformative Pres Like Reagan-Trump Twets Fuels Fire.mp3
2017-06-09-Hour 2-Guest Alain Sanders Going Behind Scences of Comey Hearing-Trumps Response-Controlling the Narrative-McCain Dereliction of Duty-Trump War on Regulations.mp3
2017-06-08-Hour1-Comey Hearing Winners and Losers-Guest Garrett Smith Insurance Protection From Lawsuits.mp3
2017-06-08-Hour 2-How Comey Hearing is A Distraction-Running Out the Clock on the Trump Presidency-British Election-BAD J Rachel Reed K-9 Korea.mp3
2017-06-08-Hour 1-Comey Caught in Catch-22-Comeys Political Manipulations-Teresa May Majority Loss Warns of GOP Downfall-GOP Elite Should Resign.mp3
2017-06-07-Hour 2-Effects of James Comey Testimony-Obama Feeds Off Political Division-Guest Paul Swenson Colonial Flag.mp3
2017-06-07-Hour 1-Senate Disses Right to Privacy-Isis Hits Iranian Parliament-Right to Follow Trump on Twitter-Guest Dan Sheridan Govt of Laws Not Man.mp3
2017-06-06-Hour 2-Paris Climate Agreement- Transgender Track Star- Medical Marijuana- Wonder Woman Movie- TSA Regulations- James Comey Tesimony Tommorrow- Bernie Sanders Book Deal.mp3
2017-06-06-Hour 1-Attack at Notre Dame in Paris- Qatar pays One Billion to Al Quada- Reality Winner NSA Leaker- GuestKimberly Fletcher- Hillary Clinton Praying Everyday.mp3
2017-06-05-Hour 2-Clinton Foundation Corruption Probe-Hillary Blames DNC Data-Dignitaries Use Trump Hotel-CA Public Schools Failing Blacks.mp3
2017-06-05-Hour 1-Guest Owen Burgess on Liberal Policies Failing Black Students-Trump Response to London Mayor-Kathy Griffen Crosses the Line.mp3
2017-06-01-Hour 2-President Trump Officially Withdraws from the Paris Climate Accord-Guest David Grantham on Manchester Attack.mp3
2017-06-01-Hour 1-President Trump and The Paris Climate Accord-Interview with Senator Mike Lee-Written Out of History.mp3
2017-05-31-Hour 2-Guest Host Eric Fransen-Fascism is a Left Wing Concept-Right Wing Politics Intellectually Superior-Trans Sexualities-Coersions of the Left.mp3
2017-05-31-Hour 1-Guest Host Eric Fransen-Why We Must Support Trump-Trump An Army of One Against Left-Undoing the Damage of the Left.mp3
2017-05-30-Hour 2-Changing Senate Rules Favors GOP Only For Now-Portland Train Attack Fake News-Arming Syrian Kurds-Facebook Censors ProTiananmen Square Posts.mp3
2017-05-30-Hour 1-Trump Calls to Change Senate Threshold-Dems Campaigning-Foreign Leaders Set Record Straight on Trump-Draining Swamp-Paris Global Warming Accord.mp3
2017-05-25-Hour 2-FISA Court Order Ignored by Obama Administration-Mark Zuckerberg's Globalist Ambitions-Guest William Hazelgrove-Heritage Academy Honor Code Violation.mp3
2017-05-25-Hour 1-GOP Drops Ball on Obamacare Repeal-Current Stance of Never-Trumpers Guest Jake Lybbert-Guest Carlos Eire Martin Luther.mp3
2017-05-24-Hour 2-President Trump Visits the Pope-Democrats Celebrate New England State Elections-Trump Diplomacy Tactics-Citizen Armor Guest Russell Steed.mp3
2017-05-24-Hour 1-England Security Troops Devloped-Ariana Grande Apology-John Brennan Testimony-NSA 4th Amendment Violations-Guest Dale Bellis Liberty HealthShare.mp3
2017-05-23-Hour 2-Melania Accused of Being Submissive to Husband-Guest Glenn Wagstaff-Clint Eastwood Blasts Political Correctness.mp3
2017-05-23-Hour 1-Trump Calls Terrorists Evil Losers-Shaking up Budget-CA Bill for Govt Paid Health Care-Chicago Welcomes Illegals.mp3
2017-05-22-Hour 2-Dems Attack Trump to Prepare for 2018-New Party in UT-Guest Dan Sheridan Freedom Factor-Trump Dares to Visit Western Wall.mp3
2017-05-22-Hour 1- Trump Triumphs in Middle East-Are Saudi Women Oppressed-Guest Craig DiAngelo H1B Visa-When Did We Start Throwing Kids Away.mp3
2017-05-19-Hour 2- Guest Host Eric Fransen-Stealing By Government Destroys Economies-Twisting Obamacare Failures to Become Trumps Fault-Stealing Opportunity.mp3
2017-05-19-Hour 1- Guest Host Eric Fransen-Media Bias Fawning Over Obama and Hating on Trump.mp3
2017-05-18-Hour 2- Guest Host Eric Fransen- Culture of College Campuses- Author Peter Cove on Poor No More.mp3
2017-05-18-Hour 1- Guest Host Eric Fransen-Trump vs The Mainstream Media.mp3
2017-05-17-Hour 2-Man Sues Over Date-Dems Organizing to Resist-Guest Kathy Smith Land Rights.mp3
2017-05-17-Hour 1-Call to Impeach Trump with no Evidence-Blue Monkey Bicycles-Intelligence Community Targets Trump and American Public.mp3
2017-05-16-Hour 2-Trump Fav for Pres in 2020-Surveillance Chills Speech-Seth Rich Is Proof It May Not Be Be Russia-Comey Stonewalls-Jane Sanders Bails.mp3
2017-05-16-Hour 1-Professional Hit Job by Media on Trump-Media Didnt Care Whwn Obama Leaked Intel-Trump Cuts 9 Billion from Abortion Abroad-Seth Rich Ignored-Opportunity Abounds.mp3
2017-05-15-Hour 2-Fallout From James Comey Threatens Dems-Trump to Grads Never Give Up-Wa Post to Limit Free Speech-Trump Cleaning House-Voter Fraud.mp3
2017-05-15-Hour 1-Obama Administration Surveillance on US Senators-Dems Fear Criminal Charges-Guest Kathy Smith on Public Lands-Changing 60 Vote Threshold in Senate-Miss USA.mp3
2017-05-12-Hour 2-What is Morally Acceptable Now-Bill Nye Capitulates-Guest Paralee Obele-Aetna Leaves Obamacare Exchange.mp3
2017-05-12-Hour 1-Public Doesn't Care About Comey-Guest David Grantham on Venezuela and North Korea-EMP Threat.mp3
2017-05-11-Hour 2-Odd Stories in the News-BAD David Brog Reclaiming Israel's History.mp3
2017-05-11-Hour 1-What is Trumps Game with Comey Firing-Guest Genelle Pugmire on LDS Church Leaving Boy Scouts.mp3
2017-05-10-Hour 2-Colbert Lectures on Comey Firing-Obama Lectures on Meat-Roberto Story-Guest David McCammon Scout O Rama-Mexican Violence.mp3
2017-05-10-Hour 1-THIS is Why Comey Was Fired-Clinton First Fired An FBI Director-Guest Shantel McBride for Senior Radio-Not Fascism to Fire Comey.mp3
2017-05-09-Hour 2-Climate Change Hypocrisy-Anti-Vaccinators Blamed for Measles Among Somalis in MN-Belgium Bans Halal and Kosher Slaughter-Ivanka and Climate Accord.mp3
2017-05-09-Hour 1-Sally Yates Congressional Hearings are Not What They Were-Corruption of EPA Oversight-Anti-Gun Hysteria-Left Hates Opposing Speech.mp3
2017-05-08-Hour 2-Nikola Tesla Showed How Capitalism Works-Flynn Testimony Dog & Pony Show-New TX Law Enforces Immigration-Electing the Best People.mp3
2017-05-08-Hour 1-Media Plays Political Poker with Flynn Story-Puerto Rican Debt-Killing Space Flight with Taxes-Illegal Immigrants Flee Kentucky Derby.mp3
2017-05-05-Hour 2-GOP Fails Obamacare Repeal Obama 65 Million Book Deal-Guest Dan Sheridan Freedom Factor Supporting the Constitution-Trump Jokes.mp3
2017-05-05-Hour 1-Lies of House Bill to Repeal and Replace-Guest Paralee Obele on Energy Independence-Trump Ex Order to Not Enforce Law.mp3
2017-05-03-Hour 2-Civility on the Decline-GOP Losing Brand-Puerto Rican Bankruptcy-N Korean Nuke Threat-Bernie Sanders Wife Bankrupts College.mp3
2017-05-03-Hour 1-Hillary ClintonTthe Mea Culpa That Never Was.mp3
2017-05-02-Hour 2-Vice Principals Anti-Pro-Life Anti-Christian Rant-OK Sign Declared Racist-Mandela Effect.mp3
2017-05-02-Hour 1-Utah Can Do Worse Than Orrin Hatch-Continuing Resolution Woes-Dems to Run for President-Gitmo Brought Capture of Bin Laden.mp3
2017-05-01-hour 1 trump and north korea.mp3
2017-05-01-Hour 2-Media Attacking Trump Becomes Irrelevant-Its About Their Free Press Not Our Free Speech-NSA Backtracks to Save Themselves-Socialism Bribes and Beats People.mp3
2017-05-01-Hour 1-Trump Skips Correspondents Dinner-Illegal Immigration and Snake Poem-Trump Fulfilling Promises-Accusation of Rascism Offends Autistic Community.mp3
2017-04-27-Hour 2-Freedom Caucus Oks New Version of Obamacare Reform-Guest Phil Kerpen-BAD Author Capt. Roger Hill Dog Company.mp3
2017-04-27-Hour 1-Judicial Tyranny of Ninth Circuit Court-Guest Garrett Smith Legal Issues-Socially Conscious Kids Apparel.mp3
2017-04-26-Guest Host Eric Fransen-UN Threatens US on Obamacare Repeal-Ann Coulter-Left Turns to Authority First Then Violence.mp3
2017-04-25-Hour 2-States Better Under GOP-Socialism Only Works on Paper-Russian Hacking Story a Cover for Hillary Loss.mp3
2017-04-25-Hour 1-Be Your Best-Raising the Debt Ceiling-Seizing US Assets to Pay US Debt-GOP Sabotaging the Wall.mp3
2017-04-24-Hour 2-Left Boycotts Pepe the Frog-Socialism Destroys Venezuela-Dad Woes-Changing a Tire.mp3
2017-04-24-Hour 1-Anti Fascists are Wolves in Wolves Clothing-Trump First 100 Days-Dems Beholden to Super Delegates.mp3
2017-04-20-Hour 2-Guest Host Eric Fransen-Salvation by Government Cannot Work-Perils of Printing and Borrowing Money.mp3
2017-04-20-Hour 1-Guest Host Eric Fransen-GM Plant Closed as Socialism Fails in Venezuela.mp3
2017-04-19-Hour 2-McDonalds Workers Turn in Alleged Murderer-Buying American-School Suspensions Teaching Kids to Fear Guns.mp3
2017-04-19-Hour 1-Trump Stands by Local GOP-Stunning Democrat Loss in GA-Efforts to Force OutTrump-Jason Chaffetz Not Seeking Reelection.mp3
2017-04-18-Hour 2-Political Disunity-Losing Respect for the People-Trump Addr4esses H1B Visa Program.mp3
2017-04-18-Hour 1-Trump Approval Ratings Climb-MSM Drops Russia Story-AZ Rep Threatens Colleague-Student Tears Down Pro-life Display.mp3
2017-04-17-Hour 2-PA 9-11 Memorial Field-Obamacare Regulations Burden Resturants-US Navy to Korean Peninsula-Kim Jong Un Instability.mp3
2017-04-06-Hour 2-Gorsuch Continued- BAD How Trump Won With Larry Schweikart.mp3
2017-04-06-Hour 1-GOP Senate Using Nuclear Option-Lessons on Civility-Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation.mp3
2017-04-05-Hour 1-Dissecting the Susan Rice Story-Political Assassination Using Govt Resources-Guest Police Chief Randy Watt on Personal Safety.mp3
2017-04-03-Hour 2- Vaccine Concerns-Guest Kristen Chevrier-House Requires Climate Science Be Disclosed-Guest Dale Bellis Liberty Health Share.mp3
2017-04-03-Hour 1-Susan Rice Unmasked Americans Under Surveillance-GOP Faced with Nuclear Option-Political Partisanship.mp3
2017-04-03-Hour 1- Susan Rice Unmaksed Americans Under Surveillance-GOP Faced with Nuclear Option-Political Partisanship.mp3
2017-03-31-Hour 2- GOP Drops Ball on Healthcare- T-Rex a Sensitive Lover.mp3
2017-03-31-Hour 1- Kindergartner Suspended for Holding Stick as a Gun- Group Offended By Feminists.mp3
2017-03-30-Hour 2-Guest Host Eric Fransen-Compassionate Conservatism-BAD Author Barrett Tillman On Wave and Wing.mp3
2017-03-30-Hour 1-Guest Host Eric Fransen-Controversy at Rollins College-We All Should Care About Truth.mp3
2017-03-30- Hour 1-Guest Host Eric Fransen-Controvery at Rollins College-We All Should Care About Truth.mp3
2017-03-29-Hour 2-New York Times This Week in Hate-America Becoming a Culture of Seeking Everyone Elses Approval.mp3
2017-03-29-Hour 2- New York Times This Week in Hate-America Becoming a Culture of Seeking Everyone Elses Approval.mp3
2017-03-29-Hour 1- Guest Host Eric Fransen-Liberal Hypocrisy on Climate Change-NY Times Says Trump Risks the Planet.mp3
2017-03-29- Hour 1- Guest Host Eric Fransen- Liberal Hypocrisy on Climate Change-NY Times Says Trump Risks the Planet.mp3
2017-03-28-Hour 2-Guest Host Eric Fransen-More on Healthcare-Liberal Bias-The Left on the Free World-Trump and Europe.mp3
2017-03-28-Hour 1-Guest Host Eric Fransen- Republicans Should Have Passed a New Healthcare Bill.mp3
2017-03-28- Hour 1- Guest Host Eric Fransen- Republicans Should Have Passed a New Healthcare Bill.mp3
2017-03-27-Hour 2- Guest Host Eric Fransen- Trumps War on Science- The Elite Cynical Left.mp3
2017-03-27-Hour 1- Guest Eric Fransen- Colleges Worst Offenders of Limiting Free Speech.mp3
2017-03-27- Hour 2- Guest Host Eric Fransen- Trumps War on Science- The Elite Cynical Left.mp3
2017-03-22-Hour 2-How FBI Surveilled Trump-Will House Trust Trump on Healthcare Bill-Guest HR Brown Emotional Trauma.mp3
2017-03-22-Hour 1-London Parliament Attack-Nunes Says Yes There Was Surveillance on Trump.mp3
2017-03-20-Hour 2-Hypocrite Bernie Sanders Complains Against Wealth-Trump Supporter Kicked Out of Bar-Border Wall-Dems Turning Socialist.mp3
2017-03-20-Hour 1-No Evidence of Wiretapping or Russian Interference-Liberals Want Blood on Gorsuch-Cutting Public Broadcasting.mp3
2017-03-17-Hour 2-Trump Refuses Merkel Handshake-Trump Tower Plans Stolen-Guest Paralee Obele-School Bans Tag.mp3
2017-03-17-Hour 1-Rachael Maddow Pulls a Geraldo Rivera-Judge to Order More Refugees in US-No More Spending on Climate Change-Chicago Gun Violence.mp3
2017-03-16-Hour 1-Trump Will Have Final Say on Travel Ban-Trump Budget is Exceptional-DMV Woes.mp3
2017-03-16-Hour 1-Trump Will Have Final Say on Travel Ban-Trump Budget is Exceptional-DMV Woes v2.mp3
2017-03-16 Hour 2- McDonalds Twitter- Anti trump Media- Guest Ashley McGuire on Sex Scandal The Drive to Abolish Male and Female.mp3
2017-03-14-Hour 2-US Considers Regime Change in N Korea-Promoting World Stability-Clinton Deal with North Korea-CIA in Charge of Drones-Raising Interest Rates.mp3
2017-03-14-Hour 1-10 Million Americans Now Free to Opt Out-Democrat Also Was Wiretapped-Is Ogden Safe with Police Chief Randy Watt.mp3
2017-03-13-Hour 2-Does the State Own Your Body-Mandatory Organ Donation-Left is Out to Destroy Ivanka Trump-Morality of Drone Strikes.mp3
2017-03-13-Hour 1-US Attorney Refuses to Resign-Anti-Trump Media Bias-WH Press Shakeup-McCain Wont Do His Job on Oversight.mp3
2017-03-10-Hour 2-Transgender To Become Space Alien-Trump Economy Adds Jobs-Changing the Culture-FBi Enlists Best Buy.mp3
2017-03-10-Hour 1-Why We Have Trump-Congress Not Doing its Job-Is Ogden Safe.mp3
2017-03-09-Hour 2-Jon Huntsman Ambassador to Russia-Flow of Immigrants Slows-BAD Nonie Darwish Author of Wholly Different.mp3
2017-03-09-Hour 1- Obamacare Lite- FISA Warrant to Tap Trump- Switiching Genders for Trump and Hillary.mp3
2017-03-08-Hour 2-Wikileaks Because Congress Fails in Oversight-Costs to Cities of Illegal Immigration-Trumps Cultural Revolution-Phasing In Obamacare Lite.mp3
2017-03-08-Hour 1-Without Proof, DNC Claimed Hacking by Russians-Why DNC Denied FBI Access to its Servers-Trump Widens Investigation into Hacking and Wiretapping.mp3
2017-03-07-Hour 2-GOP Obamacare Replacement-Trump Puts 20 Billion into Oil and Gas-Progressive Babysitting Service.mp3
2017-03-07-Hour 1-Wikileaks Reveals How CIA Hacks World-NSA Offered Hillarys Emails Hacked by Russians to FBI.mp3
2017-03-06-Hour 2-Trump Orders Search of FISA Survellience Requests-Trump Refugee Policy.mp3
2017-03-06-Hour 1-Trump Wraps in Wiretapping Charge with Russian Allegations-Dems After Trump Tax Returns.mp3
2017-03-03-Hour 2-Guest Host Eric Fransen-Fed Controlling Public Lands-Guest Paralee Obele-Obele Oil-Natural Resources.mp3
2017-03-03-Hour 1-Guest Host Eric Fransen-Conservative Ideals to Empower World-Big Govt Destoys Freedom.mp3
2017-03-02-Hour 2- Transgender Boy Wrestling Against Girls- BAD Daniel Oppenheimer on Exit Right.mp3
2017-03-02-Hour 1-Dems Attack Jeff Sessions- Fake News of of Russia Infiltrating the Election- Consequences of Illegal Immigration.mp3
2017-03-01-Hour 2-Liberals React Ungraciously to Trump Speech-CA State Senator Removed from Floor.mp3
2017-03-01-Hour 1-Trump's Speech to Joint Session of Congress-Understanding Refugee Crisis.mp3
2017-02-28-Hour 2-Trumps Budget Cuts-Replacing Workers with Kiosks-Explosion of You Tube.mp3
2017-02-28-Hour 1-Oscar Mixup-Trump Addresses Congress-Repealing Obamacare.mp3
2017-02-27-Hour 2-Guest Host Eric Fransen-Trump Cutting Spending-Trump Not Anti-Semetic-Liberals Inciting Unrest.mp3
2017-02-27-Hour 1-Guest Host Eric Fransen-Decline of Dem Party-Millennials Move Right With Age-Black American Political Experience.mp3
2017-02-24-Hour 2-Assassination of Former UN Sect General-John McCain Hypocrisy-Guest Dale Lewis Fortress Clothing.mp3
2017-02-24-Hour 1-Trump at CPAC-Overturning Globalism-Steve Bannon Deconstructing DC-Dems Avoid Town Halls-China Boycotts N Korea.mp3
2017-02-23-Hour 2- Teaching Patrick New Skills-Obama's Refugee Crisis-Trump Was Right on Sweden.mp3
2017-02-23-Hour 1- How Trump is Changing the GOP- Dangers of Convention of States.mp3
2017-02-22-Hour 2-No Black Silhouettes for Target Practice-Court Rules Against Assault Weapons-Sanctuary Cities-Fed Control of Elections.mp3
2017-02-22-Hour 1-Liberals in Alt Universe-Migrant Camps in Mexico-Socialist Diet in Venezuela-Putin Money.mp3
2017-02-21-Hour 2-Workforce Automation-Futuristic Robots-Guest Eden Valley Farms on Preparing for Disasters.mp3
2017-02-21-Hour 1-Enforcing US Border-New EPA Head Scott Pruitt-America Divided-GOP on Obamacare.mp3
2017-02-20-Hour 2-Terrorists Rob Bank and Demand Goats-McCain Attacks Trump-Broke CA Wants to Insure Illegals-Dam Story.mp3
2017-02-20-Hour 1-Liberals React to Melania Giving Lords Prayer-Middle Schooler Throws 2x4 at Pres Motorcade.mp3
2017-02-17-Hour 2-Pros and Cons of Microchipping Humans-Guest Paralee Obele-Trumps Challenge to Establishment.mp3
2017-02-17-Hour 1-Truth About Trump Press Conference-Fencing Out Illegal Immigration.mp3
2017-02-16-Hour 2- Guest Host Eric Fransen- Trumps Rules for the Media-BAD Steven Radelet The Great Surge.mp3
2017-02-16-Hour 1-Guest Host Eric Fransen-Trumps Media Relations.mp3
2017-02-14-Hour 2-Valentunes Day Adult Toys-Intelligence as a Political Weapon-Fewer Deportations Under Trump-Remaking the Judiciary.mp3
2017-02-14-Hour 1-Facts on Flynn Firing-Left Silencing Trump Supporters-Govt Plundering Trust Funds-Politicians Neglect Oroville Dam.mp3
2017-02-13-Hour 2-Guest Host Eric Fransen-Liberals Promote Concept of Fake News-Reaction to Hillarys Loss.mp3
2017-02-13-Hour 1-Guest Host Eric Fransen-Deception of Forced Charity Thru Govt-Fake Term of Muslim Ban.mp3
2017-02-12-Hour 2-Guest Host Eric Fransen-Liberals Promote Concept of Fake News-Reaction to Hillarys Loss.mp3
2017-02-12-Hour 1-Guest Host Eric Fransen-Deception of Forced Charity Thru Govt-Fake Term of Muslim Ban.mp3
2017-02-08-Hour 2-Guest Jeremy Thornell Utah Boat and Watersports Expo-Trump Takes on Judicial Branch-Minding Your Stitch Guest Bill Perry.mp3
2017-02-08-Hour 1-Elizabeth Warren Attacks Jeff Sessions on Senate Floor-Ginsberg Disses Electoral College-Guest Paralee Obele.mp3
2017-02-07-Guest Host Larry Friis-Dem Response to Trump-Guest Berk Roland Utah Boat Show-Caller Opinions.mp3
2017-02-06-Hour 2-Militant Left Dividing the People-Google Changes Meaning of Fascism to Protect Left-Guest Dale Bellis Liberty Health Care.mp3
2017-02-06-Hour 1-Super Bowl Politicized by Liberals-Liberal Hate Against Conservatives-Cultural Wars.mp3
2017-02-03-Hour 2-Violence Threatened Against Trump-Fat Man Moral Dilemma-Guest Paralee Obele-Dating App for Haters.mp3
2017-02-03-Hour 1-NY Times Overlooks Gosnell-Australian Refugee Deal-Religious Liberties Exec Order.mp3
2017-02-02-Guest Eric Frandsen- BAD Gues Ann McElhinney on Gosnell America's Most Prolific Serial Killer.mp3
2017-02-01-Hour 2-Utah Water Sports-Guest Roger Barker-Rogers Performance Marine-Minding Your Stitch Guest John Saxey.mp3
2017-02-01-Hour 1-Supreme Court Nominee Neil Gorsuch-Guest Jeremy Thornell Marine Products-Democrats Resist Liberal Lunacy.mp3
2017-01-31-Hour 2-Trump Rolls Back Regulatory State-Guest Dan Sheridan Freedom Factor-Guest Evelyn Everton Americans for Prosperity.mp3
2017-01-31-Hour 1-Political Left Reaction to Travel Ban-Fight Over Trump Supreme Court Nominee.mp3
2017-01-30-Hour 2-Money in Politics v We the People-Muslim Travel Ban is Fake News-Minimum Wage Fail-Liberal Tactics.mp3
2017-01-30-Hour 1-Trump Institutes Travel Ban and Rolls Back Regulatory State-Vetting Refugees.mp3
2017-01-26-Hour 2-Guest Phil Kerpen on the REINS Act-BAD Guest KC Johnson on the Campus Rape Frenzy.mp3
2017-01-26-Hour 1-Trump the Action Hero-Relations with Mexico-Left Assumes Moral Superiority-Pelosi Finds Religion.mp3
2017-01-25-Hour 2-Trump Building the Wall-Care for Your Stitch-Guests Paul Swenson and Melissa Jensen Remind the Nation.mp3
2017-01-25-Hour 1-Trumps Executive Orders-Fulfilling Campaign Promises-Building the Wall.mp3
2017-01-24-Hour 2-Obama Allows NSA to Share Data-NFL Ratings Down-Trump Gives Relief from Regulations.mp3
2017-01-24-Hour 1-Trumps First Executive Orders-Left Reacts to Trump-Trump Sued Over Emoluments-Trump v Press.mp3
2017-01-20-Hour 2-Inauguration Day Political Divisions-Guest Paralee Obele-Guest Trent English Raw Light.mp3
2017-01-20-Hour 1-Trump Inauguration-Open Line for Callers Reactions.mp3
2017-01-19-Hour 2-Guest Host Eric Fransen-Guest Paul Swenson Your Stitch-BAD Author Dr. James Mitchell-Enhanced Interrogation.mp3
2017-01-19-Hour 1-Guest Host Eric Fransen-Democrats Protest Democracy-Fascism Part of Government.mp3
2017-01-18-Hour 2-Chelsea Manning Commutation-Liberals Buying Guns-Guest Dale Bellis Liberty Health Share-Op Research on Trump.mp3
2017-01-18-Hour 1-Drudge Report Introduced New Media-Guest Damian Kidd-Playing Politics with Trump Inauguration-Fake Polls.mp3
2017-01-17-Hour 2-Guest Host Stan Ellsworth-Presidential Accomplishments-Individualism v Equality-Lessons from the Past.mp3
2017-01-17-Hour 1-Guest Host Stan Ellsworth-Unity in Spite of Differences at Inauguration-Inauguration History.mp3
2017-01-16-Hour 2-Common Core and Social Justice Indoctrination-Using Food Stamps-Democrats Attacking Democracy.mp3
2017-01-16-Hour 1-Left Opposes American Values-Patriots Day Movie-Obamacare Collapsing-Inauguration Day Assaults-White House Media Access.mp3
2017-01-13-Hour 2-Smearing Donald Trump-EPA New Emissions Rules-Guest Paralee Obele-Change Yourself.mp3
2017-01-13-Hour 1-Obama Creating Waves-Trump v CNN-Left Bullying of Free Speech-Obama Anti-Cuban Immigrants-Emojis Not PC.mp3
2017-01-12-Hour 2- Guest Melissa Jensen of Remind the Nation- BAD Ilan Berman on Iran's Deadly Ambition.mp3
2017-01-12-Hour 1-Fast Food Gains Jobs Under Obama-FBI Dirty File on Trump.mp3
2017-01-11-Hour 2-Guest Host Eric Fransen-Meryl Streep Slams Trump-Hollywood Political Culture-Value of Talk Radio.mp3
2017-01-11-Hour 1-Obama Final Speech-Trumps First Presidential Press Conference-Guest Jonathan Johnson.mp3
2017-01-10-Hour 2-Growing Potatoes-Social Media over Mainstream-Obama and Russia-School Bullies 9 Year Old Over Deer Hunt-Political Agendas.mp3
2017-01-10-Hour 1-Jeff Sessions Confirmation Hearing-Hillary's Misspent Campaign Money-Opposing Rex Tillerson-Trumps Twitter.mp3
2017-01-09-Hour 2-Media Neglects Synagogue Evacuations-New Cadillac Lease-Obama Fails-Chicago Tries to Change Image.mp3
2017-01-09-Hour 1-Hollywood Attacks Trump-Using Crisis of Russian Hacking to Nationalize Elections.mp3
2017-01-06-Hour 2-Lone Wolf Terror Attacks-New Test to Reveal Longevity-Hate Crimes.mp3
2017-01-06-Hour 1-Ft Lauderdale Shooting-DNC Obstructed FBI Investigation-Trump Dismisses Ambassadors-Hillary Runs for NYC Mayor.mp3
2017-01-05-Hour 2- Guest Host Eric Fransen- Rocky Mountain Gun Show- Guest Brandon Wright of Thomas B Fordham Institute.mp3
2017-01-05-Hour 1- Guest Host Eric Fransen- NY Times Biased Reporting of Hate Crimes.mp3
2017-01-04-Hour 2-Teen Shopping Mall Violence-Mark Zuckerberg to Tour States-Joe Says Be Kind-Guest Paralee Obele.mp3
2017-01-04-Hour 1-Liberal Politics v Trumps Mandate-Wheres Eric Braverman-Obama Emboldens Putin-Cyberattack Blamed on Russia.mp3
2017-01-03-Hour 2-Obama Legacy Speech-Trumps Tweets-Govt Intervention in Organ Donation and Corporal Punishmnet.mp3
2017-01-03-GOP Reverses Abolishment of Ethics Office-Ford Reverses Plan for Mexican Plant-Mainstram Media Fake News.mp3
2017-01-02-Hour 2-Federal Regulations-Chicago Homicide Rate-Obama Supreme Court Appointment-New Years Resolutions.mp3
2017 8 22 Hour 1 Trump in Phoenix - Trump address - Clinton prosecution.mp3
2017 6 7 Hour 1 Muslim influence based on population - Americanism.mp3
2017 3 14 Hour 2 Sex and Gender.mp3
2016-12-9-Hour- 2-Gift Card Caller Giveaway-DHS Hacks Georgia State Govt-Guest Janet Footlik eGifter.mp3
2016-12-9-Hour- 1-Fake News From Left-Dallas Pension Fund-Trump May Keep Executive Position on His Show.mp3
2016-12-8-Hour- 1 President Elect Trump Shows Up Obama- Electoral College Gives Voice to Minorities.mp3
2016-12-8- Hour 2 Obama's Legacy- Bitcoin and World Currency.mp3
2016-12-6-Hour 1-Losing Skilled Jobs-Baby its Cold Outside-Social Media Giants to Block Fake News.mp3
2016-12-5-Hour 2-Guest Host Stan Ellsworth-Trump Slayiong the Media Dragon-Democrats Must Rehabilitate.mp3
2016-12-5-Hour 1-Guest Host Stan Ellsworth-Trumps Transition of Power-Green Party Recount.mp3
2016-12-29-Hour 2-Guest Host Eric Fransen-UN Resolution Against Israel.mp3
2016-12-29-Hour 1-Guest Host Eric Fransen-Bears Ears Land Grab-Guest Commissioner Stan Summers.mp3
2016-12-28-Hour 2-Guest Host Stan Ellsworth-Liberal Double Standard on Free Speech-Hypersensitivity of Left.mp3
2016-12-28-Hour 1-Guest Host Stan Ellsworth-US Abstains from Vote Against Israel-Obama Says He would Have Won-Palestinean Conflict.mp3
2016-12-22-Hour 1 and 2- Ivanka Harrassed on JetBlue-Call in Gift Card Giveaway-Colonial Flag.mp3
2016-12-20-Hour 2-Guest Host Eric Fransen-Difference Between Republic vs Democracy-Reasons for Electoral Project.mp3
2016-12-20-Hour 1-Guest Host Eric Fransen-Liberals Exacerbating Migrant Crisis.mp3
2016-12-2-Political CorrectnessTargets Santa and Disney-Paralee Obele of Obele Oil-iBehave Therapy Group.mp3
2016-12-2-Clinton Campaign Cries Rascism-Constitutional Govt Protects Against Power-Bountiful School Shooting.mp3
2016-12-2 afternoon and evening.mp3
2016-12-19-Hour 2-Christmas Shopping on Amazon-Political Correctness Attack on Christmas.mp3
2016-12-19-Hour 1-Electoral College Meets Today-Obamas Executive Orders-Guest Dale Lewis of Fortress Clothing.mp3
2016-12-16-Hour 2-Guest Host Eric Fransen-False Horseshoe Theory-Big v Small Govt-Philosophy of Salvation by Govt.mp3
2016-12-16-Hour 1-Guest Host Eric Fransen-Left Reaction to Attack on Muslim Woman-Mainstream Media Bias.mp3
2016-12-15-Hour 2- Guest Host Stan Ellsworth- Fake News Santa Story- Guest Author Guy Benson on End of Discussion.mp3
2016-12-15-Hour 1- Guest Stan Ellsworth- Understanding the Bill of Rights.mp3
2016-12-13-Hour 2-Guest Host Stan Ellsworth-Tyranny of Diversity-War on Christmas-Christmas in American History.mp3
2016-12-13-Hour 1-Guest Host Stan Ellsworth-CIA Director Addresses Russian Impact on Election-Darwin Awards-Boston Tea Party.mp3
2016-12-12-Hour 2-Need for Political Courage and Moral Integrity-Cabinet Picks-Balance of Powers.mp3
2016-12-12-Hour 1-Guest Host Stan Ellsworth-Obama Accuses Russians of Hacking Election-Dividing the People-American Values.mp3
2016-12-1-Hour 2- Guest Host Stan Ellsworth- Guest Dale Lewis from Fortress Clothing- Guest Phil Kerpen on Obamacare.mp3
2016-12-1-Hour 1- Guest Host Stan Ellsworth- Election Recount Hypocrisy.mp3
2016-12-07-Hour 2-Govt Waste on Solar Energy-Trump Sends Message with Boeing Tweet-Trump Inaugurartion Disruption Threat.mp3
2016-12-07-Hour 1-Trump is Man of Year-Trump Appointees-Recount Scam-Obama Claims No Terror Attacks.mp3
2016-12-06-Hour 2-Obamas Vacation Costs-Electoral College Divide-Guest Boyd Tuttle Universal Model of Science-Guest Flapjack Drizzle.mp3
2016-11-30-Hour 2 part 2-Obama Blames Fox News-Trump Builds Media Empire-Anti Bullying Message .mp3
2016-11-30-Hour 2 part 1-Obama Blames Fox News-Trump Builds Media Empire-Anti Bullying Message .mp3
2016-11-30-Hour 1-Trump Plays Media and Saves Jobs-Dems Regret Rule Change-Electoral College Moderates Vote-Mainstream Media Bias.mp3
2016-11-3- Hours 1 and 2- Possible Clinton Foundation Indictment- BAD Claudia Hammond Author of Mind Over Money.mp3
2016-11-28-Hour 2-Attack at Ohio State-Clinton Foundation Demise-Merkel Immigration Policy-Guest Jeff Gleason the Berkey Guy.mp3
2016-11-28-Hour 1-Passing of Fidel Castro-Hillarys Hypocrisy on Recount-Castro Legacy.mp3
2016-11-23-Hour 2-Thanksgiving Food Choices-Guest Paul Swenson Colonial Flag Healing Fields.mp3
2016-11-23-Hour 1-Trump Appointees Breaking the Glass Ceiling-Guest Paralee Obele-Amazon Removes Megyn Kelly Reviews.mp3
2016-11-22-Hour 2-Hamilton Actor Double Standard-Trump Effect-Left Loses Control of Free Speech.mp3
2016-11-22-Hour 1-Media v Trump-No Charges for Hillary-Trump Meets with Network Execs.mp3
2016-11-21-Hour 2-Talking Trump Over Turkey-Obama on Russia-McDonalds Kiosks-Guest Aaron Neuenschwander of Arvo .mp3
2016-11-21-Hour 1-Immediate Results of Trump Win-Deconstruction of Obama Legacy-Climate Change Hoax.mp3
2016-11-18-Hour 2- Guest Host Eric Fransen-Guns Reducing Crime-Trumps Transition of Government-Supporting Israel.mp3
2016-11-18-Hour 1- Guest Host Eric Fransen-Hillarys Loss-On Trump Keeping Campaign Promises.mp3
2016-11-17-Hour 2- Orrin Hatch Considering Running Again.mp3
2016-11-17-Hour 1- Should Hillary be Prosecuted- Guest Brian Bourgerie.mp3
2016-11-16-Hour 2-Transfer of Power-Gurst Brandon Scott Eden Valley Foods.mp3
2016-11-16-Hour 1-Guest Senator Mike Lee on Election Results and the Lost Constitution-Electoral College.mp3
2016-11-15-Hour 2-Guest Host Eric Fransen-Staying Politically Engaged.mp3
2016-11-15-Hour 1-Guest Host Eric Fransen-Analyzing Hillarys Loss-Safe Spaces Preventing Free Thought.mp3
2016-11-14-Hour 2-Why Do We Need the Electoral College-Isis Threat in US-Guest Michael Teig TigerLight.mp3
2016-11-14-Hour 1-Undoing Obamas Work-Considering a New House Speaker-Left Cries to Rape Melonia.mp3
2016-11-11-Hour 2-Transitioning to Trump-Students Protest-Guest Paralee Obele-Guest New World Distillery.mp3
2016-11-11-Hour 1-Violence Against Trump Voters.mp3
2016-11-10-Hour 1- Left Reacts to Trump Win.mp3
2016-11-10- Hour 2- Revoking Obama's Executive Orders- Guest John Lott Author of The War on Guns.mp3
2016-11-09-Hour 2-What Trump Means for America-American Dream Guest Rob DeKlerk Office Furniture Brokers.mp3
2016-11-09-Hour 1-Trumps Victory.mp3
2016-11-08-Hour 2-Election Exposes Media Bias-Vote as a Citizen Not A Partisan.mp3
2016-11-08-Hour 1-ELECTION DAY Voting and Polling.mp3
2016-11-07-Hour 2-Guest Host Eric Frandsen-Violence Against Trump Supporters-Increasing Political Divide.mp3
2016-11-07-Hour 1-Guest Host Eric Frandsen-Predicting Tomorrows Vote-Liberal Voters .mp3
2016-11-04-Hour 2-Ecosexuality and Moral Corruption-Guest Paralee Obele-Our Utah Guest MacKay Crookston of GIVEIT.mp3
2016-11-04-Hour 1-Election Day Terror Threat-Would Hillary Pardon Herself-GOP Turns to Trump-Voters See Media as a Problem.mp3
2016-11-01-Hour 2-CNN Contributor Leaks Questions to Hillary-Political Motivation for Mosul Fight-Guest Lee Hill Big Daddy BBQ.mp3
2016-11-01-Hour 1-Polling Breaking for Trump-Hillary and Democrats Response to Email Scandal-Humas False Testimony.mp3
2016-10-6- American System of Justice- Guest Rep Lee Perry on Concealed Carry Gun Laws- Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton.mp3
2016-10-31-Hour 2-Guest Daryl Acumen on Data Strategy and Utah Voters-Evan McMullin-Humas Demise.mp3
2016-10-31-Hour 1-Truth Behind FBI Investigation Into Hillary Emails-What Makes Hillary Scary-Political Corruption.mp3
2016-10-28-Hour 2-Breaking News FBI Reopens Probe Due to Huma and Anthony Weiner-Mackay Christensen with GIVEIT.mp3
2016-10-28-Hour 1-Breaking News FBI Reopens Hillary Email Probel-Bundy Brothers Acquitted.mp3
2016-10-27-Hour 2- No Point to Evan McMullen-BAD Author Evan Roth Smith on Putins Master Plan.mp3
2016-10-27- Hour 1-Donald Trump vs Evan McMullin- Guest Gavin Rich from Sheild Safety.mp3
2016-10-26-Hour 2-American Dream-Blue Mountain Bicycles.mp3
2016-10-26-Hour 1-Pentagon Pulls Back Soldiers Bonuses-Raw Power of Government-Freedom in Media.mp3
2016-10-25-Hour 2-Guest Host Eric Fransen-Dems Fearmongering to Drive Vote-Perils of Socialism.mp3
2016-10-25-Hour 1-Guest Host Eric Fransen-The Forgotten Man in Affordable Care Act-Transitioning to Single Payer-Guest Brian Bourgerie Daplie.mp3
2016-10-24-Hour 2-Guest Dan Bongino on Elites Have Sold Us Out-Guest Tony Biggar Story Cabin Clocks-Sex Education Yields More STDs.mp3
2016-10-24-Hour 1-Politicians Lying to Us-Hillarys Lies-Election and Polling are Rigged.mp3
2016-10-20- We Get The President We Deserve- Guest Ben McKinnon Forests of Farallon.mp3
2016-10-20- Big Debate Lies- Guest Gary Byrne on Hillary's Crisis of Character.mp3
2016-10-19-Hour 2-Elites Can No Longer Hide Truth-American Dream Guest Ron Fox-Not Voting Trump on Principle.mp3
2016-10-19-Hour 1-New Bill Clinton Accusation-Media Bias Against Trump-Dems Voter Fraud-Justifying Trump Vote.mp3
2016-10-18-Hour 2 - Revelations On Hillary- Left Controls The Narrative- Guest Brian Bourgerie.mp3
2016-10-18-Hour 1 - Hillary Stands on Polling- CNN Media Blackout of Wikileaks- Democrats Provoking Riots- Trumps Excuse Far Losing- Redefining Hurricanes.mp3
2016-10-17-Hour 2-Presidential Free for All-Wikileaks v Clinton-Socialism Fails in Venezuela-Creepy Clowns.mp3
2016-10-17-Hour 1-Hillarys Motives-Drudge Report & Alternative Media-Obamas Truth Tests-Moving Isis from Mosul to Syria.mp3
2016-10-14-Hour 2-Guest Host Eric Fransen-The Addiction of Welfare-Metaxas Article on Should Christians Vote for Trump.mp3
2016-10-14-Hour 1-Guest Host Eric Fransen-The Choice America Faces.mp3
2016-10-13- How did we get to Trump vs Clinton- Gues Paralee Obele.mp3
2016-10-13- Donald Trump's Words vs Bill Clinton's Actions- Times are Changing.mp3
2016-10-12-Hour 3-American Dream-David Swenson on Entrepreneurship-Guest Steve Millet Reawakening America.mp3
2016-10-12-Hour 2-Trump Losing Utah-Obama Highjacks NASAs Mission-No More Independent Media.mp3
2016-10-12-Hour 1-Our Utah-Rowena Montoya Julie Ann Caramels-Bree Millard BAN Supply Woodworking.mp3
2016-10-11-Hour 2-Clinton Hypocrisy-Millennials Reject Big Macs-Weakness on Middle East-Following Constitutional Restraints.mp3
2016-10-11-Hour 1 Gop Response to Trump Tape- Fit For Office- Hillarys Fly.mp3
2016-10-10-Hour 3- Guest Host Eric Fransen- Compairing The Corruption Of Candidates- Trump Short Leash .mp3
2016-10-10-Hour 2 - Debate Review- Trump Damaging Audio- Hillary's Public and Private Face .mp3
2016-10-10-Hour 1- HR Brown Another 24- Why My Brain Loves Sex- Guest Rod Jeppeson .mp3
2016-10-07-Hour 2-Guest Host Eric Fransen-Trump New Sexist Audio Tape-Left Wing Ideology.mp3
2016-10-07-Hour 1-Guest Host Eric Fransen-Trump v Hillary on Money Issues and Debate Strategy.mp3
2016-10-06- Hour 2 Guest Paralee Obele- Target Loses 10 Billion Over Bathroom.mp3
2016-10-06- Hour 1- Unconstitutionality of Droning Guest Charlie Sykes Author OF Fail U .mp3
2016-10-05-Hour 2- American Dream - Mindy Haering SneekABoo Toys - Kim K Hoax- Getting Right With God .mp3
2016-10-05-Hour 1- Kaines poor Debate Behavior - Gun Owner Stops School Shooting- Fewer Jobs - Airline Weighs Passengers.mp3
2016-10-04- Hour 3 - The National Debt - Obama vs Putin in Syria and The Middle East.mp3
2016-10-04- Hour 2 - Vice Presidential Debate- Clinton Corruption.mp3
2016-10-04- Hour 1- Our Utah Guest Brandon Myslieiec The Time is Now Expo-Rob Zender Clear Choice Ammo.mp3
2016-10-03-Hour 3- Creepy Clowns- Trump- Fervor- Wikileaks threat To Clintons .mp3
2016-10-03-Hour 2- Wikileaks and Hillary- Explaining Trumps Tax Return- Bill Clinton's Underwear Deductions- Trump New Media.mp3
2016-10-03-Hour 1- Hr Brown - Another 24- Understanding Addiction and Recovery With Jason Webb.mp3
2016-09-29-Hour 2-Guest Host Larry Friis-Hillary v Trump Supreme Court Picks-Taxing Olympians.mp3
2016-09-29-BAD-Guest Host Pat Oney-Phyllis Korkki-The Big Thing-Glenn Kimber Fantastic Victory.mp3
2016-09-29- Hour 1- Guest Host Larry Fries Fills in for Joe.mp3
2016-09-28-American Dream-Toastmasters Frank Lewis & Mark Hersom-Prepify App Britton Beckham & Clint Laub .mp3
2016-09-28-9 11 Victims May Sue Saudi Arabia-Govt Hiding Terrorism-Funding Govt-Living on Mars-Bunkers for Elites.mp3
2016-09-27-Hour 2- Mainstream Media Alternative Voices for Trump- Guest Paul Preston on Federal Education.mp3
2016-09-27-Hour 1-Debate Insights-Hillarys Attacks on Trump-Dept of Labor Sues Peter Thiel.mp3
2016-09-26-Hour 2- Debate Tonight- NY Time Against Trump- Dilbert Creater Switches To Trump- Trum Rises in Polls.mp3
2016-09-26-Hour 1 - HR Brown Another 24- Guest Mark Chamberlain Pornography Addiction.mp3
2016-09-26- Hour 3- Public Figures Splintering America- Ameriican Exceptionalism- 7000 Terrorist Encounters on US Border.mp3
2016-09-22-Hour 3- Clinton Foundation and Wells Fargo Guest Russell Steed And Dallin Steiman From National Defense Labs New Armor Technology, Guest Dr. Matt Spaulding of Hillsdale College.mp3
2016-09-22-Hour 2 - Hillary Avoids Health Tests- Racial Tensions Flaring- Paralee Obele Globalination.mp3
2016-09-22-Hour 1-BAD Guest Jared Meyer Author Of Uber-Positive, Guest Ted Dinter Smith Author .mp3
2016-09-20-Hour 2- Hillary's Eye Patch and Deceit, Trump Denies Consitutional Rights.mp3
2016-09-20-Hour 1- Obama's Globalism- Hometown Heros- Trump Surging.mp3
2016-09-19-Hour 3-Guest Host Larry Friis-Author Spencer Pettit on The Belief Blueprint-Illegal Immigration pt 2.mp3
2016-09-19-Hour 1 - HR Brown Another 24 - Co Dependency .mp3
2016-09-16-Hour 2- Joe in Tux- Hillary Has No Vision- Yale Snowflakes Melt- Clinton War Machine.mp3
2016-09-16-Hour 1- Trump Plays Media- Deception of Green Energy- Hillarys Weight- Polling Results Tighten.mp3
2016-09-15-Hour 3-The Lie of Hillar Stronger Together-Trump on the Rise in the Polls- Guest Andrew Haywood.mp3
2016-09-15-Hour 2-Hillarys One World Path-Great Events of Last 15 Years-Guest Paralee Obele-Hillarys Pneumonia.mp3
2016-09-15-Hour 1-Books Arent Dead-Crisis of Character Guest Gary Byrne-Liberalism Guest Burgess Owens.mp3
2016-09-14-Hour 3 - Whats wrong with Hillary- Mainstream Media Losing Control- Creating Platform to Control News.mp3
2016-09-14-Hour 2- What Colin Powell Really Thinks of Hillary- American Dream Guest Jon Adrian- establishment V. Trump.mp3
2016-09-13-Hour 1- Guest Host Michelle Hancey Liv Truth Radio.mp3
2016-09-13- Hour 3 - Hillary and Dems in a Panic- Never Trumpers Peconsidering.mp3
2016-09-13- Hour 2- Hillarys Frequent Fainting spells- Deceiving the People.mp3
2016-09-12-Hour 3 - Hillary Health Lies- Guest Rob Zender Clean Choice Ammo .mp3
2016-09-12-Hour 2- Guest Host HR Brown- Addition Recovery .mp3
2016-09-12-Hour 1- Guest Host Michelle Hancey- Addiction Recovery.mp3
2016-09-09-hour 2 - Guest Michelle Hancey and HR Brown Addiction Recovery- Utahs Healing Field.mp3
2016-09-09-Hour 1-Bill Clinton Mocks Non-Supporters-Hillarys Elitism-Presidential Debates-Samsung Recall.mp3
2016-09-08-Hour 3- Stealing Trump Signs- Gary Johnson on Aleppo- North Korea Outlaws Sarcasm.mp3
2016-09-08-Hour 2-Veteran Challenges Hillary on Emails-State Dept Hacking-Dems Seek to Align Trump with Putin-Guest Paralee Obele.mp3
2016-09-08-Hour 1-Books Aren't Dead- How I Became My Father A Drunk- See No Evil.mp3
2016-09-07-Hour 3-Guest Host Larry Friis-9 Political Classes of People-Trump Endorsed by 88 Generals.mp3
2016-09-07-Hour 2-Guest Host Larry Friis-Litmus Test to be a Judge pt 2-Religious Bias and Interpretation of Law.mp3
2016-09-07-Hour 1-Guest Host Larry Friis-First US Muslim Federal Judge-Litmus Test to Be a Judge.mp3
2016-09-04-Guest Host Michelle Hancey- Addtion- Road to Recovery.mp3
2016-09-02-Hour 2-Question of Hillarys Competence-Books Arent Dead Kim Hicks.mp3
2016-09-02-Hour 1-FBI Report is Indictment of Hillary-Guest Clay Olsen Fight the New Drug-North Korean Dictator.mp3
2016-09-01-Hour 3- Half of US Voters Feel America is Less Safe- Guest Paralee Oberle.mp3
2016-09-01-Hour 2- Trump Wall and Illegal Immigration- Medical Marijuana.mp3
2016-09-01-Hour 1- BAD Guest Abby Schachter on No Child Left Alone- Guest Kim Hicks on Gilbert Grape.mp3
2016-08-31-Stan Ellsworth- History Harleys and The Highway Ronald Reagan The American Spirit .mp3
2016-08-31-Hour 2- Trump Visit Mexico- Hate speech .mp3
2016-08-31-Hour 1- Trump in Mexico- Guest Rob Zender- Market Effects Of Politics On Ammo- Comic Con .mp3
2016-08-30-Stan Ellsworth- History , Harleys and The Highway- Federal Relief And Natural Disaster in History.mp3
2016-08-30-Hour 2-Doctor Fired for Questioning Hillarys Health-Free Speech for All-Guest Rick Craig Carbon NT Armor.mp3
2016-08-30-Hour 1-Tribute to Gene Wilder-Kaepernick Protest of Political Injustice and Hillary email hack.mp3
2016-08-29-Hour 2-Hillarys KKK Speech-Weiner Jokes-Germany Urges Preparation Against Civil Unrest.mp3
2016-08-29-Hour 1-Kaepernick Disses National Anthem-Remembering Glenn Beck's 8-28 Rally Restoring Honor.mp3
2016-08-26-hour1- Trump Struggles In Polls- Venezula Fires-Dissenter- Hillary Health - Facebook Pro and Con.mp3
2016-08-26-Hour 2 - Germany Uses Anti Sex Assult Stickers- Hillary Claims of Alt-Right- Guest Victoria Dooley On Hillarys Health .mp3
2016-08-25-Hour 2-Guest Host Larry Friis-Trump v Hillary Bigotry-Trumps Inner Sanctum-Clinton Cash.mp3
2016-08-25-Hour 1-Guest Host Larry Friis-Illegal Immigration-Guest Paralee Obele of Obele Oil-Putin as World Leader.mp3
2016-08-24-Stan Ellsworth History Harleys and The Highway- American Exceptionalism and Star Spangled Banner.mp3
2016-08-24-Guest Host Larry Friis-Trump & Hillary Strategies-Guest Amy Loveless Emer Prep-American Dream Constitution Day-Canada Free Press.mp3
2016-08-23-Stan Ellsworth History Harleys and The Highway- Govt Disaster Response Ancient Rome and Today .mp3
2016-08-23-Hour1- President Obama on Louisiana Flooding, Guest Dale Lewis of Fortress Clothing, Hillary Clinton Investigations.mp3
2016-08-23- Hour 2- Venezulea Bread Line America and the Iranian Rasom Get Right With God .mp3
2016-08-22-Stan Ellsworth History Harleys and the Highway- Keeping Govt in Check .mp3
2016-08-22-Hour 2-Japan Beefs Up Military-Obama Foreign Relations Broken Promises-Philippine Pres Defies UN-Uber Self-Driving Cars.mp3
2016-08-22-Hour 1-Deficit Blamed on Racism-EU Claims Olympic Victory-Most Violent Cities are Democrat Run-Anti-Trump Violence.mp3
2016-08-19-Hour 2-Starving Venezuelans Eating Zoo Animals-American Kids Can't Go Without Lunch-Target Bathroom Equality-Zeka Virus.mp3
2016-08-19-Hour 1-Hillary's Moral Narcissism-Non Competitive Libertartians-Trump Visits LA Flooding.mp3
2016-08-18-Hour 3-Guest Host Larry Friis-Obama Ceding Control of Internet-Clinton Foundation Under Investigation-China Expension.mp3
2016-08-18-Hour 2-Guest Host Larry Friis- Trump v Hillary No Lesser of Two Evils-Guest Paralee Obele of Obele Oil.mp3
2016-08-18-Hour 1-Guest Host Larry Friis-Founding Fathers-Illegal Immigration & Borders-Election Alternatives.mp3
2016-08-17-Stan Ellsworth- History Harleys and The Highway- NSA Hacked- Federal Reserve and Our Nations Fiscal Future.mp3
2016-08-17-Hour 2- American Dream Guest Jacob Nold Labs For Liberty- Obamacare Collapsing.mp3
2016-08-17- Hour 1- Trump Campaign Shake Up- Teachers Can't say Boy and Girls- A Tale of Two Olympains.mp3
2016-08-16- Stan Ellsworth History Harleys and The Highway- History of American Espionage.mp3
2016-08-15-Stan Ellsworth History Harleys and the Highway-Walls of Government v the American Dream-Progressivism.mp3
2016-08-15-Hour 2-Thaw in Saudi Israeli Relations-More Socialism Fails.mp3
2016-08-15-Hour 1-Obama Golfs During Racial Riots-Hillary Disses Sex Assult Victims on Her Website.mp3
2016-08-11-Hour 3- Donald Trump VS Civiv-Guest Paralee Obele-Obama Care Collapsing.mp3
2016-08-11-Hour 2- Muslim Refugees In Germany- Hillary's Moral Narcicissm- Tasering Scott .mp3
2016-08-11-Hour 1-Books Arent Dead Guest Roger Simon Author of I Know Best Jean Edward Smith Author of Bush.mp3
2016-08-10-Stan Ellsworth- History Harleys and The Highway- Modern Policies of Appeasement- States Rights VS New Federalism.mp3
2016-08-10-Hour 2-American Dream with Mission Volant Veteran Skydiving Adventure Therapy.mp3
2016-08-10-Hour 1- Political Speech Double Standard For Dems- Protect Free Speech- Bernies Lake House.mp3
2016-07-18-Hour 1-Stan Ellsworth History Harleys and the Highway-Stand Against Evil-Cleveland Convention-Founding Fathers.mp3
2016-07-13-Hour 3-My American Dream-Colonial Flag Healing Fields Guest Shauna Jorgensen.mp3
2016-07-11-Hour 1-James Comey Memos-Hillary Clinton Emails-Donald Trump Jr. Emails .mp3
2016-06-22-Hour 1-Guest Host Larry Friis-Benefits of Capitalism to America.mp3