Defending Utah

Origins of Police Deseret Family Academy Jury Nullification.mp3
2018-24-08 Alpine tax increase - SAGE RISE standardized test - Fluoride truth .mp3
2018-16-11 evolution following orders.mp3
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2018-10-12 fake charity.mp3
2018-10-11 utah history un gun confiscation media control .mp3
2018-1-12 tax increases george Bush NWO nullification agenda 21.mp3
2018-09-15 Pioneer Family Scholars - Is Your Granpda a Monkey.mp3
2018-09-15 Chance Schmidt Firefighter - Irresponsible bureaucrats led to massive forest fires.mp3
2018-09-14 Utah 2018 initiatives agenda 21 saltlake tunnels gun rights.mp3
2018-09-07 CPS seeking to take control of Ben McClintocks kids.mp3
2018-08-31 local govt oppression freedom of religion .mp3
2018-08-25 Medical kidnapping in Utah .mp3
2018-08-24 Alpine tax increase - SAGE RISE standardized test - Fluoride truth.mp3
2018-08-18 Sage Common Core - most important election of our lifetime .mp3
2018-08-11 Medical freedom in Utah and Defend Liberty .mp3
2018-07-28 governor declares Love Loud Day - Relgious Liberty.mp3
2018-07-14 committee of safety movie .mp3
2018-07-07 natural law - fake polls .mp3
2018-06-23 Utah judicial system and due process .mp3
2018-06-09 Utah News Exposing Child Trafficking.mp3
2018-06-02 utah county sheriff race .mp3
2018-06-02 Jennifer Wright Inspired Phoenix, Jon Gossett Life's Worth Living Foundation, Todd Cole Author Of Caregiver's Journey.mp3
2018-05-26 Scott Bradley Suzanne Sherman Medical Marijuana .mp3
2018-05-05 Benson and Proper Role of Government.mp3
2018-04-28 Natural Law of libertry enemies of freedom and solutions .mp3
2018-04-21 Medical Marijuana Initiative .mp3
2018-04-14 Pro life Utah .mp3
2018-04-07 Communism today -utah voter fraud .mp3
2018-03-31 Conference special.mp3
2018-03-24 History of the Illuminati and the Buckshot Caucus .mp3
2018-03-10 Jury trials legislation communism .mp3
2018-03-03 Ryan Bundy Nevada Governor .mp3
2018-03-03 Larry Meyers US Senate Candidate Questions .mp3
2018-02-24 Ammon Bundy Militia Committees of safety Natural law.mp3
2018-02-17 Communism taught at BYU Hannah Morris .mp3
2018-02-10 Bundy release Con Con Jon Standard resignatino .mp3
2018-02-03 Proposed legislation .mp3
2018-01-27-Larry Meyers Candidate for US Senate .mp3
2018-01-20-Ammon Bundy establishing and transfering rights.mp3
2018-01-13-Utah Agenda 21.mp3
2017-12-30 Utah weather modification program.mp3
2017-12-30 Ammon Bundy.mp3
2017-12-23 Eric Moutsos repairing police public relationships .mp3
2017-12-16 Fighting Count My Vote - Where we are today - Guest Dave Bateman Trying to Save the Caucus.mp3
2017-12-09 Enoch on the Natural Law of Liberty - Call out to Utahns, Freedom is who we are.mp3
2017-12-07 Prop 2 bait and switch .mp3