Sept 9 2018 - Awakening, the mythology of hope and staing woke on social media.mp3
Sept 16, 2018 - Episode 2 .mp3
2018-12-2 ComicChurch - Star Wars.mp3
2018-12-2 Access Conciousness - how can it get any better than this.mp3
2018-11-25 Letting go of conntrol to gain control, releaseing fear and recognizing the real you.mp3
2018-11-11 Fear, Friendzones Truama and learning to give up the need to control of everyting. .mp3
2018-11-04 Fear Not, rejecting the otherizing and Yoda was right all along! .mp3
2018-11- In memoriam of Stan Lee, the Marvel universe and the spiritual impact of the comic universe he created. .mp3
2018-10-28 The Otherizing .mp3
2018-10-21 Oneness and breaking down the things that seperate us.mp3
2018-10-14 Trademarked Jesus.mp3
2018-10-07 Abuse, Trauma, finding hope and learning to say NO!.mp3
2018-09-23 Episode3 - Holographic Universe Theory, what is real.mp3